No distractions at the library

By Joanne Peterson | May 23, 2013

It’s late afternoon. The rain stopped a while ago, leaving the sky over Edmonds puffed with dark clouds, all scudding along just fast enough to prevent a good guess as to what part of the county will get wet next.

I sit in an upholstered chair in a private corner of one of my favorite places in Edmonds—the public library.

A while ago, I left the library conference room, after attending a meeting of volunteers for the Friends of the Library On-going Book Sale. (If you haven’t browsed and shopped in the Friends’ book collection, directly around the corner to the right as you enter the library, it’s time you did.)

I brought my computer with me to the library. After the meeting, I’d write my column without distraction—no phone, no laundry, no bill paying. But wait!

Here I am, gazing dreamily out the window to the west, watching two Edmonds/Kingston ferries pass one another on the glittering water.

Weather forecast to the contrary, the sun pushes through the clouds, opening up a patch of powder-blue sky.

An enormous white cruise ship glides into view, headed out of Seattle, passing Edmonds on the way to Alaska.

Cruise ships, with the promise of relaxation and adventure, intrigue me, but I prefer working boats. Fishing boats and freighters seem more relevant to life in the Pacific Northwest.

I watch a tug and barge disappear behind the ship and then re-appear as the boat and ship meet and pass.

Where I sit in the library, I can turn to the north, south or west and see the fresh green of trees and shrubs, wet and healthy, a testimony to coastal climate. Driving home, I’ll admire rhododendrons, azaleas and dogwoods and the lush hanging baskets and beds local gardeners planted on recent sunny days.

This morning, my cousin and I went on a plant-buying spree to spend a garden store gift card she received.  We drove to the out-of-town store where we made good use of the gift card and ate lunch in the café.

We had a great time but agreed that stores close to home offer plenty of plant choices.

I noticed recently that behind the charming Bountiful Home shop, on 4th North, owner Todd’s garden is bursting with new growth—time for a visit? The garden shop north of the fountain has plants, too, as does our new IGA on 5th North, where beloved Petosa’s Market used to be.

Through the library window, I notice a slow freighter, low in the water, heading south. Another distraction! I decide that’s OK, though--work will wait. What won’t wait?

A multi-layered cloud bank re-arranging itself and drifting off toward Everett, a vivid bluejay swaying on a cedar branch, a free-spirited little boy stomping in a puddle.

I give up on work and marvel at what I see.




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