No complaints from me

Nobody likes seeing the "blue blue blue" in their rear-view mirror but... stuff happens.
By John Pierre | Mar 29, 2012

Recently an acquaintance, whom I find knowledgeable and friendly, inquired as to whether or not I would be interested in writing a column about the "ticket happy" Lynnwood police.

First of all... I know nothing about the Lynnwood police other than the fact that they arrived on the scene almost immediately after my wife and I, 20 years ago, had a collision with a young lady, driving her father's treasured 1965 Mustang, (my only accident ever and I was an innocent party) who darted out from her driveway into my path with the result that I "T-boned" her as she attempted to cross the entire street.

Fortunately I was traveling at a low speed and neither we nor the young lady were injured to any disabling degree.

I'm sure her car, however, was in a constant left turn mode thereafter.

As far as police in general... I guess I'm consistently on their side.  As the father of a retired police sergeant from another city, I admire and respect what they do to keep the rest of us safe.

I could tell you stories but I won't waste your time here other than to mention one.

There was a shooting incident some years ago where a person bent on "suicide by police" began firing his semi-automatic weapon at the officers surrounding him.

When the tapes and measurements regarding  bullet trajectories were completed the next day it was  determined that a bullet had missed our son's head by inches.

Many years ago, when I was much, much younger, I was nailed a couple of times for exceeding the speed limit and it annoyed me each time but, in the long run, I really have no cause for complaint.

Nobody likes seeing the "blue blue blue" in their rear-view mirror but... stuff happens.

I have the greatest of respect for our Edmonds Police department.  I think that we, in Edmonds, are indeed fortunate to have such dedicated young men and women looking after our welfare.

I'll side with them every time.   They put their lives on the line each day as they sign in for their shift.

No, I won't complain about the Lynnwood PD because I have no knowledge of their procedures.

But I salute them for their willingness to intercede between us and the miscreants, forcing them to abide by the laws that protect the rest of us from harm.

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