No box buildings

Elizabeth V. Adair
Sep 04, 2012

Edmonds City Council Members:

I am dismayed and against Edmonds City Council again pandering to builders, contractors and those with individual financial interests again trying to change the character and quality of life that Edmonds is not only famous for along the Sound, but will also destroy property values of those who have homes and condos and apartments built on the beautiful downward sloping hills of Edmonds.

Please abide by the following request demanded by the citizens and visitors to Edmonds:

“Make sure building design is written into code. Building design must come first before you allow any box buildings in Edmonds.”

And these drastic changes must be brought before the citizens and property owners, both residential and business owners, for their information and approval before any action is taken.

People have a right to see and know what a box building will look like before council allows box buildings back into Edmonds.

City Council and their campaign contributors don’t own the town, Edmonds property owners do.


Elizabeth V. Adair


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