Naming a new council member

By John Owen | May 17, 2012

Who said this?  "I would never join any organization that would accept me as a member."

The quotation is credited to Groucho Marx.  It was repeated by Woody Allen.

It was never adopted as a slogan by any of the 18 Edmonds residents who want to fill the open seat on the city council.

A lot of them have voiced criticism or even disdain for the sitting members of our community's ruling body.

Yet they are now eager to occupy the chair which has long been filled by  Michael Plunkett.

The latter has a new wife and a new home, Seattle's plush Magnolia district.

Who should replace Plunkett, who is by profession a realtor but has successfully battled against the construction of high-rise condos in Edmonds?

I'm not sure.  I do have an opinion regarding those who should not be considered by the present members, when they meet to select Plunkett's successor on June 5.

Any candidate voted out of office in a previous election probably doesn't deserve a positive vote from the council members.

A couple of the other applicants express their opinion on council business at almost every audience forum.

If they are so willing to argue their point without urging or compensation, why pay for the same dubious advice by naming one of them to office?

I don't know who should be considered a favorite to fill Plunkett's seat.

I will hazard one guess.

There will not be any new construction of five-story condominiums on Magnolia Bluff  when the new kid takes up residence in the neighborhood.

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