Move Edmonds library to SR 99? ‘Over my dead body’ | Editor's Note

By Brian Soergel | Apr 05, 2018

On Wednesday, March 27, the Beacon posted a short story on titled “Councilmember says Edmonds subsidizing Sno-Isle Libraries.” We will have more on that in next week’s paper.

When we posted the original story on Facebook, it came with a short teaser: “Should the library move to Highway 99?” It was in response to what Councilmember Dave Teitzel said was simply one of many ideas on rethinking the Edmonds Library on Main Street.

Readers responded. Quickly and often.

There were many uppercase negatives, along the lines of “NO,” “NO!,” “NOOOOOOOOO!” (There were actually 29 “Os,” – we counted.), and the forceful but restrained “No, no and NO.”

Here are a few other comments, all of which you can read on our Facebook page (which, IOHO, is a great way to keep tabs on the city, in addition to the legacy paper):

· “Horrible and inconvenient idea. Also very unsafe for women alone at night to be by themselves on Highway 99. Younger students, too! Awful idea. Really ridiculous.”

· “No, and hell no. Something tells me there's a developer hanging around, with a lot of bucks in his pocket.”

· “Tear down city hall if you’re looking for your next 5-over-2 construction.”

· “Stupid Idea, too many seniors depend on the current location, makes no sense.”

· “No doubt there are salivating developers that would love to get their hands on the prime piece of real estate sitting underneath our library. Over our dead bodies.”

· “The Edmonds library should stay where it is. Having a downtown core to Edmonds makes our city attractive to those looking for a great place to live and work. The library is a big part of that. Moving the library would leave a big hole in the downtown community and separate the library from the other community offices and activities nearby.”

· “Dear Dave Teitzel: You knocked on my door and asked for my vote. I gave it to you. If you continue down this path, you will not receive it again.”

· “No, do not move the Edmonds Library - you will take the heart out of the community! It is a gathering place for people of all ages – Reading with Rover, evenings with authors such as the recent one with Jamie Ford. It is one of the services I am most grateful for in this lovely city.”

There were a few contrarians:

· “Yes! It would be closer to me.”

· “I'd be fine with a second, smaller branch being opened on 99, or even a remodel of the current building and a temporary move during construction. But moving it out of downtown Edmonds entirely seems less desirable.”

· “Yes, this side of the tracks is also Edmonds. The city should have more public services on the east side.”

Can you keep a secret? There is also talk among the powers-that-be in Edmonds that the city might consider moving some of its office space up the hill to Highway 99 as well, as part of the future redevelopment of a 2.2-mile stretch of the state route (think density – apartments, offices, bus lines).

One reader may have nailed it with the following thought: “Can we just give everything off of 99 and east of it to Lynnwood? Edmonds crime stats would drop like Trump's poll numbers!”

Here’s a thought: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!



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