(More) “The Edmonds Way danger”

This makes either vehicle or pedestrian traffic trying to enter Edmonds Way assume the role of kamikazes
By Lee Fowble | Feb 25, 2013


Several years ago, a very elaborate traffic light system (with eight lights) was installed at the intersection of 232nd SW and Edmonds Way.

However, the lights facing Edmonds Way are constantly amber, and those facing 232nd are always flashing red.  This, of course, has absolutely no effect on slowing the traffic on Edmonds Way!

This makes either vehicle or pedestrian traffic trying to enter, or cross, Edmonds Way at 232nd assume the role of kamikazes, as most drivers consider the speed limit on Edmonds Way to be strictly advisory.

There is no controlled crossing on Edmonds Way from 236th to Westgate.

Repeated inquiries to the city, the state, and our Representatives in Olympia, asking why these lights can’t be programmed to a normal green-red cycle as in a normal controlled intersection, has resulted in nothing but bureaucratic “not our jurisdiction, we’re studying it, maybe someday if there are enough accidents” double-talk.

I can only conclude that the same people who have decided that an unneeded traffic circle at five corners is a wonderful idea also had a hand in approving this obviously expensive light installation that apparently has no real function or reason to exist.

I wonder what marvelous things they’ll do next with the additional ten-cents per gallon gas tax they’re now asking for.


Lee Fowble

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