Moment's Notic | A dog’s life in Edmonds

By Maria Montalvo | Aug 04, 2016

Since the 16th century, the phrase “a dog’s life” has been well-used, first to indicate the difficulties inherent to a life of hard work and few luxuries and, in the last century, to mean the exact opposite – living in leisurely comfort.

The two definitions in the dictionary contrast each other so clearly:

  • A miserable, unhappy existence
  • A life of indolence, where the individual may do as he or she pleases, just like a pampered dog

Our dog, Lulu, definitely exemplifies the latter. Some of her largest inconveniences include an early morning meeting or conference call that interrupt her long walk and ball-retrieval routine in the park, or the dust at the bottom of the treat bag that is just not enough to fully enhance her dull, dry (organic) dog food.

But most criminal and cruel to Lulu: missing her Sunday trip to the dog park at Marina Beach, a spot very well cared for by Off-Leash Area Edmonds.

She swims after a Frisbee over and over and over and over again. There’s no need to play with most other dogs, as they are simply a risk to the security of her green-and-blue floating disc.

Going to the dog beach in Edmonds is more than just an experience for Lulu.

We catch up with neighbors and friends (talking crab traps and paddle boards with George and his fantastic twins), laugh with people we have never met (that Marmaduke lookalike would not get his back wet but would not stop stretching his nose toward the ball just out of reach), and share the nearly identical set of photos on Facebook that only have different sky colors and tides – and await the always entertaining responses and the posts of dismay when we miss a Sunday.

This past Sunday, a hot and sunny “dog day of summer,” was especially pleasant along the Edmonds Marina boardwalk, with everyone smiling at Lulu as she passed, carrying her own Frisbee.

All of us with dogs, or favorite breed of pet, know that Lulu has a way of bringing light, happy moments to good and bad days, a reminder that we have the luck to experience a modern dog’s life from time to time.

The phrase “dog days” came from the presence of Sirius (the dog star) near the sun in late summer, but my favorite story about the dog star is the Indian version, the story of a prince and his dog, Svana.

During the prince’s journey for enlightenment, he traveled with his four brothers and his dog. Each of his brothers abandoned the journey along the way, but Svana stayed with the Prince until he reached his destination.

When the gatekeeper refused entry to the dog, the prince said he would not enter without Svana. His kindness was the last obstacle to overcome, and they were both welcomed through the gates.

Each of our Sundays at Edmonds’ dog beach remind us to enjoy the journey we are on, despite the distractions and challenges, to stay true to each other and to bring smiles to as many others as we can along the way.


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