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By John Pierre | Aug 07, 2014

When we first moved here, Edmonds was kind of a cross between a rural community and suburbia. Now, it has grown to be almost entirely suburban.

We used to have animals of all descriptions here and there throughout our township, but they have all but completely disappeared as times have changed.

When our kids, now in their middle-age years, were little guys, we even had a horse being pastured in the property adjacent to ours.

Our two sons and our daughter loved that animal, and a couple times each day they would treat him with two or three carrots from the large bag that we bought weekly from our local grocery strictly for that purpose.

The horse knew when it was time for a treat as he came thundering across the pasture when our kids approached the fence to his pasture where the grass was green and tall.

Each one would hold out a carrot, and he would carefully eat it from their hand without ever making contact with his teeth. He was gentle and seemed to love children.

As time went along, the property owner had to return the animal to his owners, not wanting to saddle himself with the expense of necessary fence repairs. It was too bad.

We miss our horse ... I only wish I could remember his name.

A little over a block from our house, there was a large pasture, which was often home to two or three horses.

They are no longer there and the property, along with the house thereon, has deteriorated.

It's a shame to see old things not taken care of. The house was once just a step below a mansion. Now it's nothing more than a potential fire hazard.

I guess my childhood years cause me to miss the rural atmosphere ... but make no mistake ... I love what Edmonds has become.

We are a very vibrant community that has managed to maintain it's early 40s atmosphere while modern in every other respect.

We have the best of both worlds, a hint of the original rural community while being fully involved in the magic of the 21st century.



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