Missing the point

By Lorna Lowenthal | May 01, 2013


Anti-train lobbies? Chronic complainers? Greenies? Strong language in article: “Complaining about the railroads” by The Constant Curmudgeon in the 4/15/13 Edmonds Beacon.

That we don’t like trains is a total misconception.  It totally misses the point that the real concern is COAL.

The proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point provides for a river of coal to move along our beautiful and iconic Columbia River and Puget Sound where the coal will be shipped and burned in Asia, but the adverse health and climate effects impact us all.

Coal is the dirtiest and most contaminating power source on the planet; it needs to be slowly phased out of use.

We need to start investing seriously in U.S. innovators, workers and companies that can help realize our low-carbon future; this is the issue the Constant Curmudgeon missed.

Coal is the biggest contributor to global warming, a destroyer of our environment; causes health problems; will impede emergency vehicles getting across the tracks for medical treatment either at the Senior Center or the Underwater Park; causes delays of ferry traffic.

Can you imagine the wait at the crossing on Daley St. or Main St. to get to or from the beach and the ferry with 18 more coal trains a day.

There have been more than 200 landslides onto tracks between Edmonds and Everett over the winter with one freight train being hit and derailed and one Amtrak passenger train being jolted by a mudslide.

It would just be a matter of time before a coal train would be derailed spilling coal into our Puget Sound harming fish, crabs, shrimp and sea birds that are right out in front of us.

I have lived in Edmonds for 55 years; my father was a mail clerk on the train between Seattle and Blaine in the early 1900’s.

He would throw candy off the train to my brothers and me as it went by Golden Gardens to the King Street Station where we would pick him up.

I am sentimental about trains but not the thought of trains carrying coal that is so harmful to our environment.

There are people who would love to live in Edmonds but have said they wouldn’t move here with 18 more coal trains a day through Edmonds.


Lorna Lowenthal


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