Microsoft and Amazon top $800 billion | Taking Stock

By Tim Raetzloff | Aug 31, 2016

At the close of trading on July 29, the combined market capitalization of Microsoft and Amazon was $801.6 billion.

Market capitalization or market value is calculated by multiplying the value of one share of stock by the number of shares outstanding.

This is the largest combined value for the two biggest Washington companies ever.

Microsoft has 7.8 billion shares as of July 25, according to the most recent filing at At a closing price of $56.68, Microsoft has a market value of nearly $441.7 billion. has 4.7 million shares as of July 20, according to records at SEC. Amazon closed at $759.28 with a market capitalization of just under $360 billion.

Amazon finished at an all-time high close to reach this number. Microsoft is at only about three quarters of its all-time high value – but when Microsoft reached that number over 15 years ago, the second biggest company in the state was worth less than $100 billion, and the entire state value was about $950 billion.

Now Microsoft and Amazon are a potent one-two punch, and the supporting cast is also doing well.

Starbucks finished the month at $85.1 billion. Costco ended up at $73.3 billion. T-mobile US is at $38.1 billion. Those five companies are worth just under $1 trillion, a bigger number than the entire state at the top of the Internet bubble.

Nor is the boom restricted to these five companies. Nine Washington companies are worth more than $15 billion each.

Twenty-seven Washington companies are each worth more than $1 billion. Thirty-two are worth more than $500 million each. And 57 Washington companies are worth more than $100 million each.

The wealth is largely in King County, where 61 companies and $1.12 trillion in wealth is located. But a little of this wealth is beginning to trickle to other counties.

Snohomish County is now home to eight companies and $23.8 billion in market capitalization. Two of the 15 most valuable companies in Washington call Snohomish County home.

Snohomish County and Washington numbers were boosted by the arrival of Fortive in July. Spokane County has more companies than Snohomish, but less total value. Spokane County has 13 companies worth $7.1 billion.

Pierce County is fourth in value at $2.4 billion, but Clark County is fourth in number of companies, at six worth $1.4 billion. Walla Walla County has only two, but they are worth $1.5 billion.

Whatcom County has four, but they are small and have a combined value of only $100 million. Thurston, Benton and Grays Harbor counties each have two, and Kitsap and Clallam have one each.

Combined market capitalization for the state is nearing $1.2 trillion.

Tim Raetzloff operates Abarim Business Computers at Harbor Square in Edmonds. What he writes combines his sense of history and his sense of numbers. Neither he nor Abarim have an investment in any of the companies mentioned in this column.

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