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By Maria A. Montalvo | Aug 09, 2018

A Taste of Edmonds is no more.

Taste Edmonds is here.

Residents across our city and Snohomish County share memories of the Taste of Edmonds that run the gamut from remembrances of certain foods (does anyone else admit to craving a corn dog?), tales of the beer garden and its concerts (and many underaged attempts to make it in), to dancing in muddy or perfect conditions (depending on the year), or feeding baby goats and wandering the booths.

Some also recollect their disappointment that more Edmonds’ eateries were not represented or that the band and music schedules needed to be expanded.

We also remember the great rain that washed out nearly half of the festival, and invariably share stories about the first time we walked through the gates with family and friends (local and from afar).

In a nutshell, A Taste of Edmonds played a pretty big role in the annual event planning for most of us who live here and, this year, Taste Edmonds will continue to play that part in our community.

Other than the new name and the new logo, Taste Edmonds also has new live entertainment options (local musicians and karaoke competitions). The beer garden and the wine garden have transformed into the 21+ Garden, with a beer tent and a wine tent on either side of the 21+ Stage.

The Kids’ Zone and attractions have been updated and modernized, and adults games, too (cornhole, giant beer pong, trivia contests). In addition to more Edmonds’ businesses, a couple of dozen Snohomish County and nearby restaurants and food trucks will be featured.

Another fun, new offering is the inclusion of Seattle’s own Urban Craft Uprising, which staged an event in Edmonds earlier this year. The organization has been a Seattle craft show institution for 13 years, and features vendors selling unique and handmade crafts.

Our memories of Tastes past will linger. I suppose I will always associate the Taste with sliding on a burlap sack with my goddaughter and eating fried foods I often do not allow myself. I have good stories to tell about pouring beer faster and at greater quantities than I thought possible when volunteering for the Edmonds Chamber at the Beer Garden one year.

But I also remember the first year the Wine and Cheese Garden made an appearance as the event began to grow and the commitment of the last several years by the organizers to attract more local businesses.

It may have lost two articles (the “A” and the “of”), but it is still Edmonds’ Taste.

Taste Edmonds is this weekend, August 10-12, and is located at Civic Center Field, between Sixth and Seventh avenues north and Bell and Daley streets. It is open Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday.



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