Media to blame for horrors of society?

By John Pierre | Jul 26, 2012

It is difficult to understand why some nut can persuade himself to stand in front of a crowded theater and begin spraying the audience with a salvo of bullets.

What happened in the beginning of viewing the movie, Dark Knight Rises, can't possibly be explained.

Even the screwball who meticulously planned and followed through on the massacre probably doesn't know what is behind the butchery.

It is even further difficult to understand why we are subjected to many hours and days of media coverage, repeated over and over again, of the tragic event.

Don't you wonder if the anticipated media attention was part of the reason that the perpetrator took it upon himself to end so many lives and permanently affect others?

And, then, our self-important elected representatives search out the nearest TV crew to expound upon their views as to whether or not we should be required to give up our weapons, licensed or otherwise.

Isn't it obvious that this tragic incident has nothing to do with weapons but, rather, to a few demented persons seeking the media coverage?

There are millions of guns in America and only a few unbalanced pieces of human garbage who want to use them to hurt others.

Regardless of "official" affectations by various speakers that the victims and their families are foremost in their minds and that their "hearts and prayers are with them" reeks of insincerity.

Many are simply anxious for another photo op to bolster their campaign or audience ratings without appearing insensitive.

As someone who has lost a child, I understand the hurt and feel badly about the families that were disrupted by this catastrophic event but more so I am offended by the ratings-sensitive TV networks and the blatant politicians that use it to their own perceived advantage.

I am sorry that we encourage copycats to emulate the maniac who perpetrated this insane massacre against so many innocent movie fans.

The barrage of media coverage could very possibly encourage some other jackass to strive for his 15 minutes of notoriety.  When will we ever learn?  Never.

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