Mayor's Delegation to visit Sister City Hekinan, Japan

Mayor Earling will also welcome the Hekinan Mayor's Delegation to Edmonds in October 2013
By Kay Vreeland, Edmonds Sister City Commissioner | Dec 06, 2012
The Edmonds Sister City 2008 Hekinan Delegation.

In early April 2013, Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling will lead a Sister City Delegation of Edmonds residents including Sister City commissioners, city officials, business owners, and members of local organizations to Hekinan, Japan, where they will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Sister City connection.

On April 5, Hekinan Mayor Masanobu Negita will host the delegation at an anniversary celebration and friendship party with their counterparts in Hekinan.

Visits to the Toyota factory, fine art museums, library and cultural center may be part of the itinerary.

A side excursion to the famed temples and other sites in the ancient capital of Kyoto is also a strong possibility.

The visitors will be able to do some local shopping and enjoy traditional and sometimes exotic Japanese cuisine.

The mission of the Sister City Commission is to promote international communication and understanding through exchanges of people, ideas, and culture.

Delegation exchanges serve to further deepen the relationship between Edmonds and Hekinan.

Mayor Earling will also welcome the Hekinan Mayor's Delegation to Edmonds in October 2013; he hopes that a large number of residents will join in activities with our Japanese guests at that time.

Founded in 1948, Hekinan is a city of 73,000 people and is an hour's train ride south of Nagoya in central Japan. Like Edmonds, it is a water city, surrounded by a lake, a river and two bays. With over 400 factories in the automobile, metal, tile, and food industries, it has a different flavor than Edmonds; its citizens are as warm and friendly as those here.

The delegation will enjoy seeing the Steve Jensen aluminum sculpture of a crane in front of Hekinan's City Hall, placed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the city.

The crane, a symbol of good luck and long life, was chosen to echo Hekinan's theme, "As in the past, and on into the future, Hekinan walks together with everyone."

Steve Jensen also created the Friendship Tree on the Edmonds' waterfront at Brackett's Landing South, dedicated when the Hekinan Delegation visited in 2004. Resembling a totem pole, the "tree" features the Chinese character for "friend" at eye level.

The Edmonds Sister City Commission will hold an informational meeting in January for residents who are interested in traveling to the sister city of Hekinan, Japan with the Mayor's delegation.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2013 from 7 - 8 pm in the Brackett Room on the third floor of Edmonds City Hall.

For additional information on the Sister City Commission please visit the City's website at<>, or, Facebook (not necessary to be a member of Facebook to see photos and updates) at




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