Maybe it’s a grant crisis

By Wally Bergquist | May 14, 2013


Street Crisis?

I read with interest the article in the May 9, edition of the Becon, written by Phil Williams outlining what he describes as the growing "crisis" that is the condition of our streets.

He points out that there are not enough funds available to maintain the streets, much less improve them.

Does anyone remember the Main Street project from last year, it cost not only a great deal of money but also resulted in major inconvenience and loss of revenue to our downtown business corridor.

The completed project is not pleasing to anyone driving or trying to park between 5th and 6th where the street is now at least two feet too narrow.

I'm sure it will be noted that funds came from  "grants" which by the way are still tax dollars and I doubt the full cost was covered.

Still looming on the horizon is the Round A Bout that we neither need or want, but again that handy little word Grant comes into play and once again they will only cover a portion of the cost, but plunge ahead we must, for fear of losing the money.

I do not think it unreasonable to believe that the money spent over and above grant moneys on both projects would go a long way in building a street-paving program.

Wally Bergquist

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