Marijuana ad sets reader ablaze | Letter

Jan 21, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Page 9 of your Jan. 14, 2016, edition contains a half-page “Sponsored Feature” extolling the virtues of smoking and/or ingesting marijuana for non-medicinal purposes [“Dockside Cannabis helps bring marijuana out of the closet,” The Beacon].

The article was an open invitation to your readers to shop at a particular local cannabis shop. I am confused.

Was this a Beacon opinion piece? Was it a reporter’s review? (There was no byline). Was it a free advertisement? (There was no printed “paid advertisement” acknowledgement).

Whatever it was, in my opinion it was irresponsible. I respectfully disagree with the mission of the owners of the shop whom you quote as saying they wanted to “create a business that helps change the world for the better.” Really?

Living in a society that is focused on eliminating cigarette smoking, it is astonishing to me that anyone would promote smoking pot. Also considering the drug problem we have in this country, I am confident you will never see this article posted on the bulletin board at a drug rehab facility.


Carol Wilson,


A "Sponsored Feature" is just what it says: a feature -- story -- that is sponsored, that is, paid for, just as a TV show, sporting event, or similar is sponsored by one or more businesses. We realize that marijuana use is controversial, just as alcohol was (and for some, still is) in decades past. However, a majority of Washington state voters have decided its use should be legal. The Beacon is making no editorial statement for or against its use. Readers can decide for themselves. -Ed.


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