Maria Montalvo

By Maria Montalvo

Maria A. Montalvo. That’s the name I was born with since it flows better than what my married name could have been (and my husband knows I am pretty fond of him without the name).

My official bio talks about a busy professional life as an Executive Vice President of Corporate Planning and Development for a national company and as the Executive Director of a private charitable Foundation, both that serve military families.

I opened up a local Edmonds’ office more than ten years ago, and these days my office overlooks Main Street.

From that vantage point, I see the world that is Edmonds from my perspective, and as thoughts come into my head, I connect them to our small part of the universe.

This column is a way to connect my outside world to the quiet hamlet we live in.

My greatest joys are my husband, my family, my dear friends, and the exultant, Lulu (border collie/who-knows-what mix).

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