Marchers were ‘affirming,’ not ‘protesting’ | Letter

Mar 13, 2017

Thank you for reporting on the Feb. 25 march in Edmonds (“Protesters march through Edmonds,” March 2). Great photo.

I’d like to take issue, however, with the use of the word “protesters” to describe the march. “Protesters” implies a protest about/against something, yet the paragraph below the photo, accurately describing the march, says it was “in support of immigrants, refugees and Muslims.”

I would characterize this public demonstration as an affirmation, not a protest. An alternate four-word headline could have read, “Edmonds demonstration affirms immigrants.” What a difference that makes!

By using “Protesters march through Edmonds,” it seems the Beacon was as much commenting on the march as simply reporting it. Words matter. Please take care to report with accuracy and leave the editorializing for the page reserved for it.

Barbara Rood


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