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By Maria A. Montalvo | Jun 28, 2018
Courtesy of: Mar·ket Fishmonger & Eatery Crab in a Bag at Mar·ket Fishmonger & Eatery.

Being able to walk to a local fishmonger is the newest perk (of many) that we are grateful for in our community.

The bonus is that Mar·ket Fishmonger & Eatery is the latest effort by Edmonds’ own Robert Shubert Ho and Andrew Leckie, who happen to be the owners of my favorite restaurant in town, Bar Dojo, and of three other Edmonds-based businesses, under the Feedme Hospitality umbrella.

Because of the successes at Bar Dojo, Salt & Iron and Shooby Doo Catering, Mar·ket opened to high expectations and with much anticipation in Edmonds, and it does not disappoint.

Perhaps Robert and Andrew knew what to bring to our food culture in Edmonds because they are such a big part of the community.

“Andrew and I have a deep connection with Edmonds as a place of living and work,” Ho said. “We feel the deep connection and heartbeat of the community to the point of recognizing what the locals need.”

And it is a family business. Ho and Leckie’s wives, Mira and Ciara, are part of Feedme and are area teachers in the Edmonds School District. As their families grew, both couples say they felt their appreciation for and commitment to the town to be “a great place to educate our younger generation.”

Both families’ children go to school in Edmonds.

People of all ages and with all different palates can find something to enjoy at Mar·ket. When you walk in, you are immediately drawn to a case with fresh seafood, with the buzzing of the small but efficient kitchen close by.

After making the difficult choice of what to have – seafood stew or chowder ($6), burrito ($15), fish and chips ($15), lobster roll ($25), salmon bagel ($8) – be sure to check out the grab-and-go items – side salads and, of course, fresh seafood. (On our last visit, we picked up fresh scallops to prepare for dinner.)

Anything that can or should go with seafood is also available – house-made tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, herb cheeses and butters, kimchi, and seaweed and potato salads. Be sure to consider the octopus in a bag.

Chef de cuisine Hans Korompis worked in Tom Douglas restaurants and owned and operated his own chicken rice stand before joining Salt & Iron. His creativity and very apparent understanding of how to cook great food are showcased in every item.

The Crab in a Bag ($18) tastes great and is fun to eat while wandering through Edmonds, and the shrimp tostadas ($10) have both great depth of flavor from a mole sauce and the freshness of the shrimp.

The dishes are as diverse as the various parts of the world that Korompis has traveled to and are enhanced by the fresh seafood we are so lucky to have access to in the Pacific Northwest.

All of this provided remarkably quickly and at a great price.

There are few things better than a good fish taco, and the Mar·ket’s ($10), are fantastic: simple in presentation, but very complex in flavor. Two soft corn tortillas hold together cabbage and fish that are enhanced by the salt of the queso fresco and balanced with a house-made aioli and mango salsa, but it is perfected with the nam jim pak chee (Thai cilantro sauce) on top.

I have tried nearly all of the menu, and I almost always get the fish tacos and something else.

At its heart, Mar·ket feels like a local spot that we have been going to for years, almost always seeing someone you know leave with some fresh fish to make for dinner, walking in for a bite and a glass of wine, or considering an order at the sidewalk window.

“I feel as though the Mar·ket has always belonged here,” Ho said.

I think he’s right.

Mar·ket is at 508 Main St. in Edmonds. Open 10 a.m.-9 p.m. daily except during the Saturday Summer Market, when it opens at 9.


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