Manya Vee Selects is now MaJe Gallery

Mar 10, 2013
Jeff Stilwell's new comic, the thrashing philosopher bosatsu may be found at MaJe Gallery and on

Now in its thirteenth year of business here in Edmonds, colorful gallery Manya Vee Selects is changing its name to MaJe Gallery!

"MaJe better reflects where we are as artists and partners," Manya Vee said.

Owners Jeff Stilwell and Manya Vee founded the gallery in 2000. The new name is taken from the first letters of their first names.

Representing works by over one hundred American artisans, works by Manya Vee and Stilwell can also be found at the gallery. Manya Vee, a jewelry designer of two decades, is currently fusing silver and wire-wrapping in gold.

Stilwell, long a fixture of the local theatre scene, has grown lately into an illustrator. "It just dawned on me one day that I can say so much more in a series of comics than in one ninety minute play," Stilwell commented.

"My thrashing philosopher, bosatsu, has plenty to say about beauty, for example," Stilwell added. "If only he can keep from crashing his skateboard." His comics can be found on

Manya Vee and Stilwell are also known for their public service in the arts.

They founded and Stilwell directs the celebrated Edmonds Art Walk, easily recognized as one of the largest art walks in the state.

More recently, they founded and Stilwell directs Edmonds Mural Society, which boasts one of the most popular collections of murals in the Pacific Northwest.

To celebrate the name change, a drawing featuring the two artists will be held on March 31. Two lucky winners will win either a Manya Vee mixed metal pendant or an original illustration of Stilwell's bosatsu.

For more information, visit or 409 Main Street, or call 425.776.3778.



Manya Vee's new line of fused silver wrapped with gold wire may be found at MaJe Gallery.
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