Madrona students help those in need

Apr 30, 2017
Photo by: Madrona K-8 Madrona students prepare care packages for the homeless.

At Madrona K-8 in Edmonds recently, a group of sixth-grade students gathered in the Summit Center to brainstorm on giving back to the community. The Summit girls’ group, Jisalixmah, wanted to create an opportunity for students in the class to help people in need.

They designed a plan to create care packages for the homeless.

“The intention is that these care packages will help people in need,” teacher Madison Azim said. “They are to be handed out under adult supervision.”

On April 18, 53 students created a care package to take home.

“We hope it will be placed in the family car, where it may be handed to someone that students see who may be in need,” said Azim, one of three Summit teachers. “Many students indicated they know a person they have seen for a long time, years even, who they thought could benefit from the donation. We are including a handwritten note from the students, and ask them to smile and wave, making eye contact if possible, with the recipient.”

Azim said she hopes that by sharing this story, a chain reaction will take place.

“Imagine how much our community would be impacted if more people stopped to give necessary items to people in need,” she said. “We all need a helping hand in life in some shape or form. Who can you help today?”






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