Loss of track at Civic Field would be a big loss | Letter

Mar 13, 2017

I am writing to voice my concern about the Civic Field hybrid design. It looks like the residents of Edmonds are about to lose a valuable resource that, once gone, cannot be brought back.

According to the city’s online hybrid plan for the civic playfield, the option considered for the final plan does not include a track wide enough to accommodate walkers and joggers of all skill levels.

During the presentations at the open house meetings one and two at the Edmonds Library, two choices were offered for public vote. The majority of attendees chose option No. 2, which included a formal jogging/walking track with a pervious surface.

I am puzzled as to what drove the decision for the final plan to eliminate the track and settle instead on a path that winds around the perimeter of the park and looks to be not even half the width of the formal track.

The current track represents a valuable resource for all citizens of Edmonds. Once it's lost, we cannot bring it back. Edmonds is a vibrant city. At any time of day there are people using the track. Many are not aware that this resource is threatened.

The track's proximity to the police and fire station provides a much needed safety factor. There is a sense of privacy and solitude if a person wants it, even with other people walking, jogging, running or pushing a walker. I experimented with jogging/walking the paths around the schools and miniature parks in Edmonds. They were very crowded.

I am urging the persons responsible for the plan to please take another look at what we are about to lose and arrive at a solution that will meet the needs of the majority of the people.

Renate M. Haberpointner


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