Losing weight at the office

By John Pierre | Oct 04, 2012

Sometimes, as I get older, I worry about what will come of me due to my somewhat sedentary lifestyle.

I spend an inordinate amount of time in front of my computer screen trying to keep a few columns ahead to overcome the occasional "writer's block."  But it is time that I very much enjoy in hopes that I can entertain others as an unpaid freelance writer.

A while back, I spotted something in an old publication that made me feel better about my lack of activity.  I can't give credit to the author because I am unaware of who that might have been but it has been modified greatly by me so who cares?

This piece was entitled "Throwing Your Weight Around Exercise Plan."

"If you sit in an office a lot and are worried about not getting all of the exercise you need... you don't necessarily have to jog, swim or play tennis.  A recent study reveals that many office related activities indeed burn up calories.  The following shows the number of calories per hour burned for each of the following activities:


Beating around the bush ­– 75

Jumping to conclusions – 100

Passing the buck –  25

Throwing your weight around – 50 to 300 (depending upon your weight)

Dragging your heels ­– 100

Pushing your luck – 250

Making mountains our of mole hills – 500

Wading through paperwork – 300

Bending over backward – 75

Eating crow – 225

Running around in circles – 350

Tooting your own horn – 25

Running it up the flagpole – 125

Pulling out all the stops – 75

Trying to climb the ladder of success – 750”


Now that I'm retired, I had nearly forgotten those various daily activities.  But I find it easy to compare those to activities involved with everyday life at home.

How 'bout operating the remote?   Don't I get some credit for activity in changing channels from ever-present political garbage to something more palatable... like a western movie?

There was a time, a few years ago, when I had to holler at my youngest son, playing outside ... maybe next door ... to change channels for me.  He's thankful for the advent of the remote.

Getting up and going to the refrigerator for more snacks and a cold brewski should account for a few burned calories, shouldn't it?

I rest my case.  Or as Archie Bunker would have put it, "Case closed."

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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Oct 04, 2012 16:04

Good list - to which I might ad "table push-backs".

And not a single "aren't you sick of... " in sight!

Nice to read the Curmudgeon when's he's "up" _ I'm forwarding this to a list of friends.

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