Loose lips can still sink ships

By John Pierre | Mar 27, 2014

Do TV broadcasters care about the consequences of their various presentations or are they simply motivated by the need for a story?

I listened recently to Judge Jeanine Pirro expounding for a full hour upon the dangers to America if some terrorist were to cause damage to our power grid.  She even went on to say the attack is not an "if" but, rather, a "when."

In her overly-animated, bobble-headed effort to make her points, she enlisted some like-thinking "experts" who essentially agreed with everything that came out of her mouth.  She spent the entire hour in her angst-driven conclusions having to do with our lack of ability to defend our power grids throughout the country.  She claimed to harbor a deep-seated fear for the future of America.

Her "experts" gave detailed methods as to how our country could be put in the dark with no heat, fuel or any of the other "necessities" of life.  One goober even claimed that if a certain happening came to pass that "9 out of 10 Americans would die."  That sounds like pure fear mongering to me.

The details that were expounded upon by each of these "experts" certainly could be of great assistance to any of America's potential enemies who wish to ruin our nation's power supply.  She and her "experts" voiced everything including just short of a detailed plan of attack for any terrorists who happened not to have thought of all the ways to damage our power sub-stations.

I'm sure our enemies had previously already thought of many ways to accomplish the task, but it seems that Judge Jeanine and other such broadcasters have increased their specific knowledge of our weaknesses.

Is the need for a hot story so important that potential consequences aren't even considered?  Someone should tell some of these broadcasters to hobble their lips.

One of Jeanine's "experts" pointed out that a nuclear device exploded from 30 miles up could damage a substantial portion of our country and if exploded from 300 miles up could wipe us out… at least 9 out of 10 of us.

It seems that our much-fought-for freedom of speech is coming back to bite us on the backside as long as some folks don't know how to put a zipper on their mouths.  During WWII, the term "loose lips sink ships" was heard frequently.  That caution is still meaningful.

Some of these broadcasters could have been of immense assistance to Hitler as he strove to rule the world.  Will they ever learn to think before they jump in front of a camera to spew their dangerous opinions?

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