Looking Forward

Neil Tibbott

Looking Forward is a new monthly column about decisions and developments going before City boards and the Edmonds City Council. It explores topics of interest to long time residents and the next generation. Co-Authors Neil Tibbott and Stefan Carlson are in distinctly different life stages, but have a common interest in the future of Edmonds. – Ed.

Neil Tibbott is the chairman of Citizens Planning Board for Edmonds. He has lived in Edmonds, where he and his wife are currently raising four kids, for over 15 years. He presents his views here independent of his role on the Planning Board as a way to stimulate interest in critical issues concerning our future.  He believes that when people get involved with the planning process, we make better decisions.

Stefan Carlson was born and raised in Edmonds. He recently graduated from Biola University where he enjoyed writing for the school newspaper. He hopes to spend his life finding innovative ways to help communities that experience poverty.

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