Looking for a Negative Trend .

By steven d keeler | Dec 19, 2013


Global temperatures rose during a time that anthropological CO2 could not have had an influence, they rose again at the same rate during a time that it could, and current, temperatures have not risen for 17+ years. Thermometers were invented and used for the first time during a cold phase of the planet. To get a negative trend over the temperature record, even if CO2 has no influence at all on temperatures, could take hundreds or even thousands of years. Or it could take 10 years. If it’s a negative trend you are looking for, there is one if you start somewhere around 2005 :



The Minoan warm period was warmer than the Roman Warm Period, which was warmer than the Medieval Warm period, which was warmer than now. The cycles of warmer and colder periods is on a cooling trend, which is consistent with the records for earlier inter-glacials.

If anything, we are on the way into the next glacial phase.

Alarmists are now scurrying to dream up reasons why, attempting to weasel out of their failed predictions, diverting attention away from the failed predictions by making silly strawman arguments, and changing the language to “climate change”.   Wrong, the rate of rise has not flattened. There has been no rise at all for 17 yrs.


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