Log of 911 calls to Edmonds police from July 11-17 | Police Beat

Jul 24, 2014

July 11

Warrant - 21400 blk 72nd Ave. W.

A juvenile runaway was located and arrested for an at-risk-youth warrant, and taken to Denney Youth Center.

Burglary – 6900 blk 172nd St. S.W.

Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s home while she was at work and stole items. The victim wanted a police report for insurance purposes, and did not want to press charges.

Suspicious – 19100 blk 92nd Ave. W.

A woman complained of a series of odd occurrences at her residence.

July 12

DUI - 21900 blk Hwy 99

A female was arrested for DUI, and a male was arrested for physical control after switching drivers in front of officers.

Civil – 22500 blk Hwy 99

A woman poured water in a car window for dogs on hot day, and ruined the property of car owner.

Found – 400 blk Admiral Way

A GPS unit was found along Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad near the Edmonds dog park.

Theft – 100 blk Third Ave. S.

An unknown suspect(s) stole a Honda that was parked unoccupied along a street in downtown Edmonds.

Malicious Mischief - 100 blk W. Dayton St.

Someone broke into a car window and sprayed fire retardant throughout vehicle.

Burglary – 900 blk Ninth Ave. N.

Residents returned home to find their house burglarized and their car stolen.

Collision – 22600 blk Hwy. 99

Two cars were involved in a collision. Snohomish County Fire District 1 responded, and firefighters transported three patients to Swedish/Edmonds Hospital.

July 13

Warrant – 200 blk Sixth Ave. N.

An adult male was arrested and booked in jail for a misdemeanor warrant.

Found – 19100 blk 92nd Ave. W.

A caller reported that a knife had been found in her house.

Mental – 100 blk Fifth Ave. S.

An adult female was transported to Swedish Hospital for a mental health evaluation after making suicidal statements and attempting to walk out into traffic.

July 14

Narcotics – 22500 blk 100th Ave. W.

A juvenile male was arrested for minor in possession/consumption of alcohol and possession of marijuana. He was released to his father.

Theft - 23900 blk Hwy. 99

A suspect rented room #41 at the Golden West Motel and stole the TV from the room.

Theft – 7500 blk 221 Pl. S.W.

A suspicious person was seen in a driveway and may have stolen a battery from a charger.

Car Fire – 9100 blk 242nd St. S.W.

Firefighters from Snohomish County Fire District 1 extinguished a car fire. No one was injured.

Suspicious – 23900 blk Hwy. 99

A subject with an arrest warrant was contacted during an unrelated robbery investigation. Warrants were not served due to the medical condition of subject. The subject was transported to the hospital by a medic unit.

Vehicle Recovery – 8100 blk 240th St. S.W.

A vehicle stolen from Everett on July 13 was located in Edmonds while officers were patrolling an area known as a dumping place for stolen vehicles.

July 15

Disturbance – 8500 blk 244th St. S.W. 21:14

A friend of a neighbor threatened to kill the caller during a neighbor dispute.

Suspicious – 23700 blk 74th Ave. W.

A suspicious male was found to be in possession of items stolen from a local merchant.

Theft – 22300 blk Hwy. 99

A victim’s vehicle was stolen while he was at work.

Domestic – 8100 blk 240 St. S.W.

While investigating a domestic violence disturbance, officers found that the involved female had two outstanding warrants.

Suspicious – 23000 blk Hwy. 99

A female, who was admittedly under the influence of narcotics, reported a rape by an unknown person at an unknown location.

July 16

Assault – 7100 blk 210th St. S.W.

A 27-year-old autistic male got upset with his grandmother when she sprayed him with water. He assaulted her, and when the grandfather tried to intervene, he assaulted him.

Assault – 200 blk Alder St.

A male assaulted his 83-year-old mother who he lives with. He exhibited an altered mental state, and was booked into Snohomish County Jail for assault after medical clearance.

Theft – 23400 blk 94th Pl. W.

A witness saw a mail theft and alerted police. The suspect was apprehended and booked into jail.

Harassment - 7600 blk 195th St. S.W.

Mutual allegations of harassment and threats via Facebook and Snapchat between two former 16-year-old female friends were made.

Suspicious - 22800 blk 76th Ave. W.

A caller reported he and his co-worker were receiving strange and possibly threatening messages. He believed they were associated with the dissolution of a business partnership and suspects the other partner of being behind the calls and texts.

Narcotics – 400 blk Sunset Ave.

A warrant arrest was made. The suspect had a drug pipe in her possession. She was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

Narcotics – 7700 blk 200 St. S.W.

A suspicious subject with a warrant tried to flee the scene and run from the police. He was apprehended and arrested. The search incident to arrest revealed drugs, paraphernalia and other items that were possibly stolen.

Burglary – 7200 blk 172nd St. S.W.

A residence was burglarized while homeowners were away for 45 minutes.

Found – 17100 blk 69th Pl. W.

Suspicious persons were reported in woods behind residence. They left the area. A TV and a bong were found in the area where they were seen. The TV cleared for wants, but was probably stolen.

Fraud – 23900 blk Hwy. 99

A caller reported that over the past few days he had received $80 worth of counterfeit bills. There are no suspects.

July 17

Liquor – 22300 blk 76th Ave. W.

An underage drinking party was broken up. Charges were referred for Minor in Possession and furnishing liquor to minors.



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