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Jul 31, 2014

July 16

Theft – 23600 blk Hwy. 99

A suspect attempted to steal merchandise from a store. He was contacted by loss prevention after leaving the store. The stolen merchandise was recovered from the suspect, but the he fled prior to the arrival of the police.

Theft – 23600 blk Hwy. 99

The suspect stole items from the business above and went to the business next door. Stolen items were located in his backpack at the neighboring store. The suspect had attempted to steal items from the other store, was stopped, and fled leaving his backpack behind.

July 17

Assault 3 - 9600 232nd St. S.W.

A weapon involved in a domestic violence incident lead to Assault 3 and a mental health evaluation.

Info – 19900 blk 83rd Pl. W.

A caller reported her friend sent her a text message showing cuts to her wrist. The caller’s friend was transported to Swedish Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

July 18

Theft – 21000 blk 74th Ave. W.

A man continues to leave bikes in the same location where they have been stolen from seven times this year.

Theft – 21500 blk 73rd Pl. W.

A roommate was suspected of altering rent check.

Theft – 24100 blk Hwy. 99

A witness observed the theft of a purse from a vehicle.

Assault 4 – 9300 blk 244th St. S.W.

An intoxicated adult son was arrested for Assault 4 Domestic Violence after he forcefully grabbed his mother by the shoulders and hands. He was also arrested for a warrant from the City of Bothell.

Warrant – 23905 blk Hwy. 99

An adult male was arrested for a felony warrant.

Traffic – 9900 blk Edmonds Way

An adult male was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail for Driving Without a License 1 and no interlock device. The van was impounded.

Theft – 21300 blk Pioneer Way

A credit card account was accessed without authorization.

Robbery – 21900 blk Hwy. 99

A shoplifting incident led to a robbery. The suspect was not identified or located.

July 19

Theft – 8600 blk 240th St. S.W.

A theft of property from a locked vehicle occurred overnight. There are no suspects.

Warrant – 8400 blk 244th St. S.W.

A man was arrested by the Shoreline Police Department for warrants from Edmonds. He was booked into the Snohomish County Jail.

Theft – 24100 blk Hwy. 99

A wallet was stolen from a purse. There are no suspects.

Vehicle Prowl – 8600 240th St. S.W.

A vehicle prowl was interrupted. A window was shattered, but it is unknown whether a theft occurred or not.

Found– 23600 blk Hwy. 99

A stolen vehicle was recovered in parking lot.

Warrant – 20200 blk Ballinger Way, Shoreline

Lake Forest Park Police arrested a man for an Edmonds warrant. The suspect was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

Burglary – 9500 blk 235th St. S.W.

A caller reported an attempted burglary at his residence while he was home. The suspect ran off and was tracked by a police K9, but was not located.

July 20

Burglary – 22500 blk 76th Ave. W.

Theft of property from a secure storage locker occurred. There are no suspects.

Burglary – 7600 blk 212th St. S.W.

Unknown suspect(s) vandalized Edmonds Woodway High School by destroying glass and painting graffiti on a door. The suspect(s) also tried to break into a room by using garden tools to pry off the door handle.

Theft – 21100 blk Hwy. 99

A woman’s purse was stolen out of a vehicle. The door was unlocked.

Mental – 20900 blk 70th Ave. W.

An adult male was brought to Swedish Edmonds Hospital for a mental health evaluation after striking a staff member at a medical facility.

Narcotics – 22900 blk Hwy. 99

A male was found prowling a shop at a business. An employee took back equipment, but later realized more items were taken. The suspect was located and arrested.

July 21

Theft – 9200 blk Olympic View Dr.

A victim reported several unauthorized charges on her Bank of America Visa card. There were three charges in Oregon and one in California.

Theft – 21200 blk Hwy. 99

Car parts were stolen from vehicles in a car lot.

Theft – 7300 blk 224th St. S.W.

A speaker was stolen from an unlocked truck.

Found – 23900 blk Hwy. 99

Complainant found several credit cards, ID cards and miscellaneous cards with a person’s information inside of a local motel room.

Theft – 9400 blk 244th St. S.W.

A victim’s vehicle was prowled in an apartment complex parking lot overnight. There was no forced entry, no suspect info or items of evidence at time of report.

Theft – 24000 blk 79th Pl. W.

A victim reported a bicycle was stolen from the driveway of his or her residence overnight. There was no suspect info or evidence at the time of report.

Theft – 22700 blk Hwy. 99

The owner of a local car dealership reported that someone entered a parked vehicle, and had stolen a car stereo. He also noticed someone had damaged the side/garage window of the business.

July 22

Burglary – 7800 blk 192nd Pl. S.W.

Power tools were reported stolen from a yard.

Info – 200 blk Railroad Ave.

A mentally unstable woman was screaming at a train. She was taken to Swedish Hospital for an examination.

Warrant – 19300 blk 44th Ave. W.

An adult male voluntarily turned himself in for an outstanding arrest warrant out of Edmonds Municipal Court.

Theft – 9200 blk 244th St. S.W.

A postal inspector notified a subject that his mail was likely stolen, and one of the items taken may have been his passport.

Theft – 19600 blk 82nd Pl. W.

A subject said her credit card company reported possible fraud on her credit card and told her to report it to police.

Assault 2 – 70 blk Main St.

An assailant and victim were involved in a physical dispute. The assailant was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail for Assault 2 Domestic Violence, Felony Harrassment and a residential burglary warrant.

Burglary – 21400 blk 96th Ave. W.

Police responsed to a priority suspicious person call which resulted in the identification of a burglary victim, arrest of a suspect and booking for burglary in the first degree.

Found – 21900 blk 88th Ave. W.

A citizen turned in a Washington state license plate that was found in the road to the Edmonds Police Department.

July 23

Suspicious – 200 blk Fifth Ave. N.

A complainant cut someone off in traffic, the person then followed the complainant to the Edmonds Police Department. The incident took place around NW 85th Street and Greenwood Avenue North in Seattle, and appeared to be the result of road rage. The officer determined no actual crime had occurred.

Disturb – 9600 blk 234th St. S.W.

An argument between adults results in personal items being thrown out in the street.

Robbery – 23800 blk of Hwy. 99

A roommate robbed the victim of money.

Warrant – 17600 72nd Ave. W.

Four people were contacted for a report of suspicious circumstances. One of the subjects had a warrant. He was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail on his warrant.

July 24

Theft – 21300 blk 72nd Ave. W.

A complainant reported that someone had taken a parked vehicle without permission.

Civil – 9100 blk 184th St. S.W.

A complainant reported that a neighbor damaged their trees and rosebushes.

Theft – 6900 blk Meadowdale Beach Rd.

A victim reported mail being stolen from her mailbox.

Theft – 700 blk Cedar St.

A mail theft was reported.

Found - 200 blk Fifth Ave N.

A caller turned in a set of lost keys to the Edmonds Police Department.


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