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Aug 07, 2014

July 26

Animal – 7400 blk 208th St. S.W.

An injured cat was found, but the owner has not been identified.

Assist – 23515 Hwy. 99

A caller called 911 to report a person having a seizure. Medical aid transported the person in case the medical event was induced by illegal drug use. Suspected methamphetamine was located and taken for destruction.

Suspicious – 23900 blk Hwy. 99

A subject was contacted for a pedestrian violation. The subject was then detained for possession of drug paraphernalia, and found to be in possession of another subject’s drivers license.

Warrant – 21900 blk Hwy. 99

The Mountlake Terrace Police Department arrested a man on an Edmonds Police Department warrant. The subject was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

Assist- 23100 blk 59th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace

Edmonds officers assisted the Mountlake Terrace Police with a shooting incident.

Theft – 18200 blk 80th Ave. W.

An attempted vehicle theft of an unlocked car occurred overnight.

Malicious mischief – 400 blk Admiral Way

A victim reported damage to the seat cushions on the bow of his boat while it was in guest moorage at the Edmonds Marina. An assailant admitted to damaging the victim’s boat.

Warrant – 8100 blk 240th St. S.W.

An investigation of a suspicious circumstance led to a warrant arrest. The suspect was transferred to the Shoreline Police Department for booking at King County Jail.

July 27

Warrant- 23600 blk Hwy. 99

An adult female trespassed from a local store, and was then arrested for a warrant. Custody turned her over to the originating agency, and she was transported by an agency to jail. The jail refused to book her due to drug use.

Assault 4 – 700 blk Edmonds Way

An argument between brothers led to an arrest for assault.

Suspicious – 8300 blk 188th St. S.W.

Two girls, 11 and 12 years old, reported being followed by a male in a black car.

Vehicle Prowl – 23900 blk 78th Ave. W.

A victim reported a prowl to her vehicle overnight, but nothing was taken.

Burglary – 19300 blk 84th Ave. W.

A house being renovated was entered overnight. The suspect drank some beer and threw paint around the interior.

Theft 3- 10100 blk Edmonds Way

An elderly adult female was stopped by a loss prevention agent for shoplifting.

DUI – 8800 blk Main St.

A driver was arrested for DUI.

July 28

Threats – 9400 blk 244th St. S.W.

A woman reported an incident of threats and domestic violence that occurred the previous day.

Civil – 500 blk Olympic Ave.

A dispute over parking and packages being mailed to a residence occurred.

Suspicious – 9900 blk 242nd Pl. S.W.

A 12-year-old complainant reported suspicious circumstances at and inside her home. There was no indication of criminal conduct.

Theft 2 – 20700 blk 82nd Ave. W.

Two victims reported identity theft to the Edmonds Police Department.

Theft 3 – 10100 blk Edmonds Way

A woman was arrested for shoplifting, and released on citation.

Burglary – 23000 blk 100th Ave. W.

A commercial burglary at drug store occurred. A large quantity of cigarettes was stolen.

Theft – 7300 blk 210th St. S.W.

A 1990 Toyota Camry was stolen from a parking lot overnight.

Theft 3 – 22400 blk 92nd Ave. W.

External battery cables were cut on a travel trailer, and the battery was stolen.

Disorderly – 23800 blk Hwy. 99

A man was arrested for disorderly conduct after beating on a vehicle that failed to yield to him in a crosswalk.

Theft 3- 21800 blk 97th Ave. W.

A witness reported an attempted battery theft from his neighbor’s tent trailer that was parked in his neighbor’s driveway.

July 29

Burglary – 820 blk 204th St. S.W.

An adult male reported damage to his bedroom window frame from an attempted burglary attempt. No entry was made into the house.

Assault 4 – 21600 blk 76th Ave. W.

A response to a domestic disturbance at a hospital resulted in the arrest of an adult female and seizure of firearm at the time of investigation for safekeeping.

Assist- 800 blk Daley St.

A citizen asked for assistance in disposal of an old hand grenade that her father-in-law had left the family after his passing years ago. Snohomish County Bomb Squad responded, and took the item for proper disposal.

Suspicious – 20200 blk 85th Pl. W.

A complainant reported that a suspicious person was seen climbing over fence of neighboring properties. The suspect was gone on arrival, and there was no physical evidence of crime located at time of report.

Suspicious – 20500 blk 85th Pl. W.

An adult female found a backpack in her recycle bin behind her house.

Theft – 7900 blk 212th St. S.W.

A complainant reported someone smashed his parked vehicle’s window and had stolen change.

Burglary – 1300 blk Olympic View Dr.

A possible attempted burglary at restaurant occurred.

Theft – 22600 blk Hwy. 99

A subject was arrested for taking sunglasses without paying for them.

Trespass – 8100 blk 240th St. S.W.

Two subjects were reported to be trespassing in a vacant building. Both were issued criminal trespass warnings.

Theft 3 – 7308 208th St SW

Complainant reported someone entered a parked vehicle, and had stolen a company car’s key without his permission.

July 30

DUI – 9800 blk Edmonds Way

An adult female was arrested for DUI.

Fraud – 21500 blk Hwy. 99

An unknown subject tried to use a counterfeit $100 bill.

Burglary – 8800 blk 192nd St. S.W.

A vacant residence was burglarized, and a boat motor was taken from the yard.

Theft 3 – 23600 blk Hwy. 99

An adult male stole alcohol from a local supermarket.

Theft – 23900 blk 104th Ave. W.

The victim’s vehicle and other items were stolen by a friend that was staying with him.

Impound – 7300 blk 215th St. S.W.

A vehicle on four cinder blocks without wheels and expired plates was impounded for parking illegally and being a safety hazard.

K9 Assist – 1400 blk Richmond Beach RD, Shoreline

An Edmonds Police Department K9 assist was provided to King County for a subject fleeing in handcuffs.

Trepass-22901 Edmonds way

Suspicious subject dropped off by a vehicle on church property. Subject pulled up a bandana over his face and ran off when confronted by church employee. Sub known to police, contacted and criinally trepasses from church property.

July 31

Found – 9600 blk 239th St. S.W.

A complainant found a pair of pants in the bushes of his backyard.

Theft 3 – 23600 blk Hwy. 99

The suspect stole a quantity of liquor and left the store without paying.

Harrassment – 8200 blk Sierra Drive

A complainant reported unwanted phone calls prior to the issuance of a domestic violence no contact order.

Narcotics – 19800 blk 78th Pl. W.

A juvenile female had an outstanding warrant. She lied about her identity, and provided false and misleading information. A search incident led to an arrest and she revealed she was in possession of a marijuana pipe. She was booked into Denny Youth Center.

Theft - 22500 blk 72nd Pl. W.

Unknow suspects took the victim’s vehicle without permission.

Aug. 1

Suspicious – 22200 blk 95th Pl. W.

A mother called to report that her 21-year-old daughter left the residence three days ago and has not been heard from since.

Burglary – 600 blk Edmonds Way

The suspect attempted to break into the mini mart by throwing a large rock through the window of the front door. The suspect was unsuccessful.

Aug. 2

Impound-500 blk Bell St.

A vehicle was impounded from the summer market tow-away zone.

Theft – 100 blk Main St.

A vehicle was stolen from a parking lot.

Burglary – 8800 blk 192nd St. S.W.

An attempted forced entry into a residence through the back French door occurred.

Burglary – 700 blk Hannah Park RD

A residential burglary occurred when the suspect entered through an upper level window with a ladder. There are no suspects.

Aug. 3

DUI - 22000 blk Hwy. 99

A driver was arrested for DUI.

Found – 400 blk Admiral Way

A small bag of marijuana was found near the boat docks and turned into port security.

Assault 4 – 600 blk Sixth Ave. N.

A report of assault led to an Assault 4 Domestic Violence arrest and booking.

Theft 3 – 21900 blk Hwy. 99

A traffic stop on a vehicle with a stolen license plate attached resulted in recovery of that stolen plate and a theft report for license plates that were supposed to be on the stopped vehicle.

Assault 4 – 9300 blk 244th St. S.W.

A man was arrested after punching a hole in the wall, and then assaulting his girlfriend.


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