Locked up in Edmonds | Home Again

By Joanne Peterson | Jun 04, 2017

This is not new news anymore, because of a two-week time lag since last I wrote, but I still want to share it. In my last column, I told about a grandmotherly sleepover with 6-year-old Abby in West Seattle.

I planned to leave Edmonds at 1:30 p.m. that Saturday, so I’d be in plenty of time for my 2:45 commitment in West Seattle. That gave me time before I left Edmonds to grocery shop without rushing.

When I left for the grocery store, though, I realized I had forgotten my phone, so I hurried back, grabbed it and ran out the door, locking it behind me again. So far, so good, though I was a few minutes behind schedule.

I grocery shopped, drove home, parked at the curb to unload groceries and to load my already-packed tote bags for Seattle. I would put the groceries away, grab a snack and leave again within 45 minutes. Right? Well, no.

This next part is difficult to explain, as no one I know, I mean NO ONE, has experienced my problem before. Do you recall the extra lock motel rooms sometimes have on the inside of the door? Not the kind with the little chain, but the kind with a sideways V-shaped brass portion attached to the doorframe with a smaller straight piece attached to the door.

The two pieces, engaged, mean that the door opens only a couple of inches, in case you want a narrow, squinty view of the person standing outside the door.

Apparently, in my dash to go shopping before my drive to West Seattle, I somehow brushed against that little auxiliary lock and SOMEHOW, that lock flipped over and engaged and locked behind me – which, in theory, isn’t even possible. Consequently, when I returned with my groceries and unlocked the door with my key, I was shocked to find that it opened only two or three inches. Bam! I was so stunned at the door slamming against that little “security lock” that I couldn’t believe it. What to do?

First I called a few people, most of whom were out enjoying their Saturday. If they answered their phones, they were nowhere near Edmonds at the time. Anyway, it quickly became apparent nobody else knew what to do either. I was getting frantic. I needed to leave for West Seattle in half an hour!

So this is what I did. I set my groceries outside my door, ran to my car and headed to the Edmonds Hardware & Paint on Fifth Ave South. I drove up to their parking lot, jumped out of the car and dashed into the store, where knowledgeable employees conferred, considering possibilities for the quickest and best solution to my problem.

Within minutes, I was out the door with a hacksaw, of a size to suit my hands and the limited space I would be maneuvering in to solve my lockout problem.

It took a while, but through the crack in the doorway, I successfully sawed through two parts of the offending brass lock. I was in! I grabbed my tote bags, locked the door behind me with the key, and made it to West Seattle only 15 minutes late.

For less than $7, and with the assistance of three great guys at an Edmonds hardware store, my problem was resolved, and I was off for a great weekend.

Here’s my message: Shop Edmonds. Save time. Receive personal service. Think FIRST of our local businesses.


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