Live phones not a good idea

By Jen Cooper | Jul 09, 2013


My name is Jennifer Cooper and I'm a resident of Edmonds. Today, I was inside of the Edmonds T-mobile when an attempted robbery occurred.

A man cut wires off the demo phones and attempted to flee. A manager and two male bystanders in the store tackled the perpetrator. They landed just outside the door of the T-Mobile store.

The man proceeded to use his wire cutters to fight the three men that tackled him; leading to cuts and bruises and even a possible broken nose for the store manager and the two other men assisting.

The police were called by the other T Mobile employees working... it took only minutes for the police to arrive - thankfully.

Besides myself there was another woman with an eight-month-old baby in her arms during the altercation. The Edmonds police were able to apprehend the perp and he will be charged with felony robbery.

My concern is that the T-mobile employees said that these types of robberies occur a lot in the store. Primarily, because the demo phones are live, working phones.

T- Mobile recently changed their rules so that the phones used within the store are live, working phones. With the cost of cell phones over $500 no wonder these occurrences are normal within the store! They are low hanging fruit for criminals.

T-Mobile and other stores should not be using live, working phones. Not only is this creating a dangerous environment for its employees but also for shoppers within the store.

Perhaps using phones that are not live and working would deter criminals from robbing these stores and create a safer environment for everyone.


Jen Cooper

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