Lip service?

By Jacqueline Williams | Apr 12, 2012


The city of Edmonds is still in dire straits financially.

Shall we build the roundabout at 5 corners at a cost of $250m (I know, I know, it’s the Federal Gov’t paying for it…but aren’t we all taxpayers to the Government?)

My vote was NO and is still NO.

Do we allow the Robin Hood Bowling Lanes to be torn down, to be replaced by a Walgreen’s?  Yuck and double Yuck.

Our great little Edmonds Bartell’s at Westgate corner, was built only a couple of years ago.  And it’s fine, thank you very much.

And now the coal trains coming through…what?

Somebody wrote in to the Beacon a few weeks ago, suggesting that The City stop giving a full ride on Insurance Coverage for all its employees and family.

We cannot afford this extravagance.

Why can we not have some kind of co-pay?  For the insurance premium?  For the Doctor visits? Like all of us who live in a real world.

Let’s get our City Budget in shape. Like we all have to with our own check books.

Can we possibly dare to hope that the City would truly want to do something about the problem and vote themselves a partial cost?  Think about it Council Members.  Do you REALLY care, or is it just lip service?


Jacqueline Williams

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Posted by: Jim Shelton | Apr 19, 2012 16:35

I haven't checked this site for many days.  I'm surprised no one commented on this.  I agree completely with your comments about looking at more cost cutting measures to balance the city budget.  The Council ( the Mayor is too new for me to know where he stands) in general appears unwilling to control INCREASES that come about by doing business as usual. They will call them "cuts" because the "plan" was to increase spending.  Of course you and I have to live with the same or decreased pay over the last several, while being asked to increase our taxes via levies.  I (and all my neighbors) are paying more property taxes this year than last (1/5 of that increase goes to the City of Edmonds), but the City staff and Council are saying that won't be enough - they need more.

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