Lights to be better timed on 220th to I-5

Sep 07, 2018

Some relief is on the way for motorists who take 220th Street SW between 76th Avenue West in Edmonds and Interstate 5 in Mountlake Terrace, as the City has signed an agreement with Mountlake Terrace for the Installation of an adaptive traffic signal control system.

This means the lights will be better timed, as the system will adapt in real time to actual traffic flow versus a timer for daily peak signal times.

Mountlake Terrace is taking the lead on the installation, which will tie signals at six intersections to optimize the flow of traffic, especially in the evening peak hours. The hope is to make 220th safer as well as more efficient at moving vehicles.

A Highway Safety Improvement Program grant was secured to fund the project, including all of the design phase and 90 percent of the construction phase.

Edmonds has the responsibility to pay the local match share for the one traffic signal in Edmonds, which is 17 percent of the overall cost. The project also includes three Mountlake Terrace intersections and two WSDOT intersections.

The average daily traffic in both directions of this east-west congested corridor is about 27,000 vehicles per day, according to studies.

The design is completed, and construction is scheduled to begin this fall.

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