Life will be ‘pretty much’ the same no matter who’s elected | Letter

Jan 21, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

When I wake up Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, later this year, my dog is still going to love me. After watching some TV coverage of yesterday’s presidential election, I took the bus to Edmonds Community College, where I teach English as a second language.

Whoever wins the election, I’ll welcome the conclusion of the very long, unpleasant political season.

After the last ballot is cast and counted, I'm quite sure everyone will continue to take care of their kids, pay their bills and do their jobs as usual.

So what am I trying to say here?

Just to keep all of the present media madness in perspective. Stay calm. There's no need to get all worked up.

No matter who wins the election, your life is going to go on pretty much the same.


Alan Bine,



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Posted by: William Norman | Jan 21, 2016 15:41

Yes, you're right, Alan. Life will go on pretty much as it has, unless you're affected by infrastructure (you know, roads and bridges, etc), or student debt, or if you're unemployed (or underemployed), or if you have health problems, or are worried about leaving a healthy planet to the next generation or what kind of an education your kids are going to be getting, or whether all of us are treated fairly. If you're a person who doesn't  care about any of those things then it doesn't really matter who wins the election. Life will go on pretty much the same for you, no matter who wins.

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