Life on the Internet

By John Pierre | Mar 22, 2012

This won't be of interest to those of you who don't possess a computer so you may wish to pass this writing up for lack of interest.

My special friend and neighbor, Duffy, for example, won't consider a computer not realizing that it could (and probably would) open up a whole new world for him so this will be of zero interest to him... but c'est la vie.

However, the motivation for writing this has to do with non-invited but all-too-frequently provided information that finds its way into my email in-box daily.

Some of them inform me that the forwarded item is a "must read" or tells how hilariously funny the shared piece is.

When I'm told I "must read," I almost always dump that message immediately.

I feel like a recruit being ordered to  participate in a short arm inspection by the drill instructor in Navy boot camp.

The old saying is that the only things one "must" do is die and pay taxes... and, frankly, from what I hear in the news, I'm not too sure about the "taxes" part of that cliché.

Many of our government officials seem to avoid that annoying part of life until exposed by an inquisitive media.

Then we hear, "Ooops, I forgot to file."  Or "My accountant should have caught that error."

As to deciding how humorous a given joke or situation is, I prefer to make that determination on my own.

Sometimes I read these shared pieces and they are indeed quite humorous but I still prefer to make that judgment personally.  Occasionally, I bow my neck and don't read them at all.  Fortunately, my computer has a "delete" button.

The other matter that bothers me about this almost-daily sharing is that dozens of the sender's other Internet friends are receiving the same email which means that my screen name becomes available to any stranger who cares to contact me.

I hasten to add however that I invite "forwards" from close friends and relatives and comments to the email address listed with this column (not the same as the one I use for other matters) for the reason that how else will I know that someone besides my wife and children (not too sure about the kids) even read it?

Besides, I like feedback.

Finally, often there is an instruction at the conclusion of the information being provided to "be sure and pass it along to at least a dozen people."

I rarely comply with that demand.

I guess I'm just not wild about being led around by a ring in my nose like a misbehaving bull calf.

But, in general, I have become Internet addicted.  I love it.

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