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Mar 31, 2017

The March 23 issue of The Beacon had an LGBTQ support group article boldly in your face on the front page (“Local woman starts LGBTQ support group.”)

This subject is very controversial and politically provocative, and to give it front-page status seems out of touch with the demography of Edmonds. Seniors in the area, especially, are more conservative politically and/or hold to more traditional values, and you chance alienating them by making this a headline (not to mention suggesting a political bias to the newspaper).

I am not a bigot; I respect and care for everyone, but believe it would have been much better for the paper and readers to have put a condensed version of this article on inside pages, considering your readership.

Paul Townsend
Mountlake Terrace


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Mar 31, 2017 17:56

This is a very encouraging article for LGBT people in Edmonds, and good material for non-LGBT's to learn about.   Relegating it to an inner page for fear of annoying a few seniors - and let's not forget that many seniors have LGBT relatives - would send a discouraging message to the very people it should encourage or educate.   Condensing the article (why?) would drain the it of the PFLAG story, which deserves to be told, and would certainly do nothing but good those who are unaware of PFLAG's often heroic work in the past, or its continued good work today.  I was delighted to see it placed on the front page where it belongs!  Edmonds is not, I hope, ashamed of its LGBT residents.

Posted by: Brian Potter | Apr 01, 2017 10:24

Mr. Townsend, your "respect and care" for everyone is fundamentally flawed. Not only do you show blatantly that you do NOT care for everyone, by trying to hide a story that shows the community supports its LGBTQ members, but you do NOT respect the older members of the Edmonds community. To suggest that just because they're older, they will be affronted or discomfitted by the existence of the article or the PFLAG group, is to patronize them and assume they have ossified in their social views. 
I will stand on the stage of McCaw Hall today, with 200 men, most of the gay, and sing about the right of individuals to live their lives honestly and fully. Many of those men - and many, MANY members of our audience, are "seniors." I know at least a half dozen Edmonds "seniors" who attend. I will read your letter to them, before the show, to remind us all of how important it is to NEVER be ashamed of being, or loving their LGBTQ family members, friends, or themselves.

Posted by: Elizabeth Crouch | Apr 03, 2017 22:55

I'm a bad ass *senior*, progressive liberal, cancer survivor, professional business owner, wellness warrior, Edmonds resident for 31 years - Paul Townsend, you do not know Edmonds in the least & you bleed the pathetic, uninformed, male patriarchy/supremacy right along with your homophobic bigotry. PLEASE ... do NOT conflate our entire Edmonds community with the current political administration.
Most sincerely, Elizabeth Crouch

Posted by: Jeff Harris | Apr 04, 2017 10:48

I wanted to thank the Edmonds Beacon for running the front page PFLAG story because PFLAG offers support for gay senior citizens. Gay seniors are more likely to be single and isolated, and less likely to have grown children who support them than heterosexual seniors citizens are.

The hateful notion expressed by the letter writer that even mentioning the existence of gay people on the  front page is somehow "controversial and provocative",   and that any such mention  should be banished from the front page  is a perfect example of the unwarranted hostility gay seniors encounter. This example is evidence of why support  from PFLAG can be so important. Gay seniors living in Edmonds shouldn't be required to hide their lives to accommodate bigotry.

Posted by: Laura Johnson | Apr 10, 2017 00:08

Mr. Townsend- PFLAG and AARP should be thanking you very soon for the donations made in your name.

Posted by: P A Brown | Apr 10, 2017 13:35

Mr. Townsend is no doubt naive about PFLAG and it's importance to everyone in our community.  Probably even more of a reason to support a front page story about PFLAG.  As someone who used to travel all the way to Capital Hill for meetings, having an Edmonds location is a definite benefit. I would invite him to come to a meeting!  People supporting people in a caring way is a wonderful thing to be a part of.  I thank Edmonds Beacon for being supportive of a good organization doing fine work in a convenient, nearby location.

Posted by: Elizabeth Tuura | Apr 14, 2017 14:41

I grew up in Edmonds and hid my sexuality for many years. It is painful to live your life pretending to be something you're not. I'm proud of the LGBTQ community working for so long to be recognized as human beings and not freaks to be marginalized. Thank you Edmonds Beacon for putting members of the Edmonds community on the front page whether they're LGBT or Straight. We all bring something to the table and we can all learn from one another. MB

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