Letters to the Editor | Land trusts, bike lanes and more

Jul 23, 2017

Land trusts for Snohomish County?

It would be nice if Snohomish County formed a land trust with board members to buy apartments, mobile home parks and even houses for rent that families and individuals could rent from them at an affordable price.

This land trust could work with grants from the state and federal government to help stabilize housing and keep families strong in the community. The ripple effect would make this a better place to live.

Many years ago, I worked in AmeriCorp for the Rutland Land Trust in Vermont. They had 200 housing units they managed in the county. Decent apartments with affordable rent, helping people who had no homes get shelter and helping families stay in the town so their kids could keep attending school and have stability.

The board members would meet quarterly and stay on task of promoting their mission to help the community with housing. It would be nice to see someone with leadership step forward to help something like this happen here.

Teresa Rohlin
Mountlake Terrace


Just who are bike lanes for?

Just a quick comment about 212th Street SW construction: The people living in this construction area are commenting on the futility of all the bike lanes being built in Edmonds.

The high-school kids ride the bus or drive! Have you seen the STUDENT parking on school grounds? Have you seen many bikes? I think Edmonds is trying to be a miniature Seattle!

So sad. We don't want to live in Seattle – that's why we moved here!

Eloise Andvik


Energy mix can’t be separated

The Edmonds City Council recently passed a resolution establishing a communitywide goal of transitioning to 100 percent clean and renewable energy by 2025.

This is a “feel good” resolution, but nothing else. Let's hope that the city doesn't waste our tax dollars trying to implement it.

The city of Edmonds and its citizens receive their electric power from the Snohomish PUD. The PUD owns some hydro resources, has some contracts to buy solar and wind power, but buys most of its energy from the Bonneville Power Administration.

The BPA markets the power produced from federal dams in the Northwest, plus the Hanford nuclear plant and a small fraction from other sources. The PUD is also required by state law to generate a certain percentage of their energy from renewable resources.

The city and its residents can certainly support the reduction of greenhouse gasses, but let us be realistic.

As long as the PUD is dependent upon the majority of its energy from the BPA, our energy cannot be separated from the mix of PUD sources.

Rud Okeson


Cindy Sackett has invaluable experience

The primary for the Edmonds School Board is coming up Aug. 1, because three candidates filed. I want to encourage everyone to vote. I am supporting Cindy Sackett for Edmonds School Board Position 4.

As a teacher at Chase Lake Elementary, Cindy was a parent volunteer in my classroom for two years. She understands what children need to be successful and works hard to make sure everyone has equal opportunities to learn.

As our PTA president, she organized two auctions that supported schoolwide programs and started the “sunshine fund” to provide school lunches for any student needing one, for whatever reason, no questions asked.

Cindy has invaluable experience in how schools work and how to effect change. Not only does she listen, she actually is a person who gets things done. She has worked tirelessly for the Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools.

She knows how to bring people together and work toward a common goal. Cindy Sackett is the person I trust to support students and represent what’s best for them.

This is a small primary that could easily be overlooked. Please remember to vote.

Beth Black


Former mayor is a Beacon fan

It seems that we live in an environment, in our newspapers and public communications, mainly of criticisms and very few compliments.

I thought I would give a well-deserved compliment to Editor Brian Soergel and the staff of the Edmonds Beacon.

Over the past year, I have had the occasion to talk to Brian, and have gotten to know him personally. He and his staff are very dedicated in doing a good job of bringing to the public local news and interesting articles.

I lived in Edmonds for 58 years, with 14 of those as an elected official, so I always have an interest in local news and events. I have been a subscriber to the Edmonds Beacon for many years, and look forward to reading each edition.

I know Brian has a sincere interest in putting out the best edition with each publication, so my compliments to the Edmonds Beacon and Brian Soergel.

I don’t always agree with Brian’s politics, but that aside, I enjoy the Beacon’s quality and its value to the community.

Larry Naughton
Edmonds mayor, 1984-1991
Las Vegas


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