Letters to the Editor-Idiot alert!

By Ann Louise Maynard | May 17, 2012


The long section of 2nd Ave. N in Edmonds, between Edmonds St. and Caspers St. is a two-way street with legal ingress only at Edmonds St. and Egress at both Edmonds and Caspers streets.

It is not a personal playground for children, nor a legitimate extension of one’s front yard.

Teaching children that it is okay to play in traffic is ludicrous and irresponsible.

Putting plastic figures in the roadway to warn traffic that it is now driving through a playground – as designated by a few residents – is asinine.

Perhaps the city needs to erect plastic signs every 50 feet along the roadway that say: “Traffic in progress.”

Also, based on the donkey-see, donkey-do principle, there has been a substantial increase over the years of vehicles entering 2nd Ave. N at Caspers St.

The police department is unwilling to enforce that particular no left/right turn directive for an amazing variety of reasons.

The traffic court also is unwilling to uphold those citations that do get written.

So much for law enforcement.

I gotta get me one of them there special dispensation permits!

Perhaps 2nd Ave. N should be opened up entirely at Caspers St. so that traffic may legitimately rip through the neighborhood – children and unleashed dogs not withstanding.

Right now the situation is an accident waiting to happen.

I guess THEN things will become  important to someone.


Ann Louise Maynard

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