Letter writer should research plastics and present his side | Letter

Mar 10, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

I appreciated the article of two weeks ago about Annie Crawley's efforts to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics [“Edmonds diver to convince kids to reduce plastic use,” The Beacon, front page, Feb. 18].

While I can imagine instances where single-use is appropriate, e.g. medical/sanitary applications to which I very much doubt she objects, much of it is discretionary and efforts to make people aware of the harm it can do and – if they choose – act accordingly are to be applauded. So one would think.

Unsurprisingly, however, in our apoplectically polarized times a letter writer demurred [“Give kids both sides of the plastics argument,” The Beacon, page 4, March 3].

He seemed to feel that the good name of plastics had been sullied. It isn't clear whether he draws any distinction between single-use plastics and plastics in general and, absent that, I would say that rather than simply demanding that Ms. Crawley be accompanied on her presentations by someone representing his point of view, he should undertake the task himself.

Let him do some research on the topic. Let him then arrange to visit schools and make the case for accepting an increased plastics load in our oceans as, say, the price they (the oceans) must pay for our revolutionized lives.

Perhaps he and Ms. Crawley could even appear together, fulfilling his “balance” wish. That fact-filled presentation I would be interested to hear, myself.

If there were any sea creatures in attendance; however, he might be advised to leave by the back door.



Cary Moore,



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