Letter writer’s Internet research is inaccurate | Letter

Dec 24, 2015

Editor, The Beacon:

I want to encourage Bob Fretz, who wrote a letter to The Beacon, to hire a consultant to help him learn to search the internet with a reputable unbiased search engine.

His conclusion that no such exploding train car events have occurred is absolutely inaccurate.

My Bing search instantly brought up separate explosions in Alabama, Mississippi,

West Virginia, Canada (47 fatalities), North Dakota and an article about 10 explosions in from 2013 to 2015.

These were all found on the first page of Bing results when I searched “oil train explosions.”

Giving Mr. Fretz the benefit of the doubt, he should learn how to do internet research before he

attempts to contribute further to the discussion.



Michael Thompkins


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