Letter | Make your voice heard on the Edmonds Marsh

Sep 28, 2016

Why is this natural acreage in the midst of our community so important to all of us?

A natural retreat, so easily accessible to Edmonds citizens, is for water purification, flood protection, shoreline stabilization and groundwater recharge.

It’s a fish and wildlife habitat, a link in the food chain as well as an economic benefit. These are all reasons to protect and preserve the Edmonds Marsh wildlife preserve.

Presently, the Edmonds City Council is considering changes to the Shoreline Master Program, which could affect the marsh’s buffer zone and degrade its viability.

This topic is scheduled for the council agenda Tuesday, Sept. 27, and a recommendation is expected by the end of October.

Please consider attending the council session, making your voice heard or emailing your elected officials to make your concerns known.

A current petition, “Environmentally Concerned Citizens – Protect the Edmonds Marsh Wildlife Preserve,” asks the Edmonds City Council to retain the most protective buffer and setback requirements according to the 2016 Department of Ecology Wetland Guidance, which is a 110 feet.

Many citizens have worked hard to sustain this treasure, and now the opportunity is ours to protect the environmental gifts which, once lost, cannot be regained.

Dianna Maish


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