Letter | Keep vigilant on Edmonds Marsh

Oct 16, 2016

The Sept. 27 vote by the Edmonds City Council seemed like a major victory at the time, when it approved a 110-foot setback surrounding the Edmonds marsh. Although this sounds good, it would be ill advised for the Friends of the Marsh to drop their guard just yet.

The Port of Edmonds has given every indication that they intend to appeal the 110-foot setback, and is currently using your tax dollars to lobby the state Department of Ecology to allow more development right next to the marsh.

In addition, the Port recently retained the services of Cocker-Fennessy, a PR firm adept at glossing over dubious or detrimental environmental behavior. This PR firm has been hired, again, with your tax dollars.

The Port of Edmonds already has two city councilmen eager and ready to endorse their every move (Dave Teitzel and Neil Tibbott), so anyone even remotely concerned about the health and future existence of the Edmonds marsh should be ready to fight on.

The Port of Edmonds is a voted office, and three of the commissioners’ terms are due next year: Fred Gouge, Bruce Faires and Steve Johnston. It’s time that we paid more attention to who we vote onto the Port and the Edmonds City Council.

Maybe different people will actually endorse and strive to accomplish one of the port’s mission statements: to operate the Port of Edmonds in an “environmentally responsible manner.”

Preserving the Edmonds marsh in its entirety would be a wonderful place to start.

Mike Shaw


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