Let the dust settle | Mayor's Corner

By Dave Earling, mayor of Edmonds | Nov 05, 2015

OK, the election is over and even though the results are not official, Election Day has passed.

All City of Edmonds candidates have worked hard (especially in contested races) and should be congratulated for having the courage to be considered by the voters.

The hours spent doorbelling, pounding signs, attending forums and raising money are not for the faint of heart.

While I have been a candidate in a contested campaign and also run unopposed, I can report that I definitely prefer the latter!

And, yes, I have won races and lost, so I know the feelings of both victory and defeat.

For the candidates who were not successful, questions will linger in their minds about their strategy: “How many more doors should I have knocked on, did I have the right issues, what more could I have done?”

For the winners there is a feeling of relief and celebration. If re-elected, the question is "What can I accomplish in the next four years?”

If newly elected, there will be a sense of awe as to the challenges and responsibilities before them.

In our personal lives we choose our friends and acquaintances, the social circles in which we wish to be involved, and generally find folks we get along well with.

If you are successfully elected, you suddenly find yourself in somewhat different circumstances. You need to work with whoever shows up.

We all have different personalities, different opinions, different issues and different styles. So the challenge comes in building consensus to move important issues forward.

Because of our four-year staggered terms for most municipal elections, we often have "new players" join councils, and if a new mayor is added to the mix, dynamics and the personality of the elected body can shift. When new members are elected, it provides a new opportunity for an elected group to come together, get to know one another, work together, collaborate and move the community forward.

We have two members of the council re-elected who were appointed in the last year, two newly elected members and three "veteran" councilmembers – a great combination of experience, new blood and great ideas.

If the early election results hold, Edmonds has a great opportunity for its elected officials to come together and become a hardworking, thoughtful, proactive, problem-solving body that all desire and which the community can be proud of.

It’s an opportunity we need to take advantage of.


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