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Jun 19, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I was one of the witnesses to the pedestrian fatality on May 20 of Lexie Joy Hess [“Pedestrian crosswalk death under investigation,” The Beacon, page 1, May 29].

I was devastated by her loss and the sadness this caused her family and friends.

The gravity of the danger with cars and pedestrians in Edmonds has become very real to me.

I have been thinking about a way we could honor Lexie's memory, and make Edmonds a safer, more walkable town.

I decided on a "Wave Then Walk" campaign in Lexie's honor.

I have begun to spread the word in my children's schools and activities.  The idea is to become a 'waving' town where pedestrian and car drivers are waving back and forth, therefore seeing each other, and cars are stopping to let pedestrians pass.

I want to have this become an integral part of Edmonds "small town" feel, making it safer for all of us to enjoy the beauty and walkability of Edmonds.

This summer as you are walking around Edmonds, please adopt the "Wave Then Walk" philosophy and honor Lexie's memory by making Edmonds safer for everyone.


Elizabeth Peck


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Posted by: Nathaniel R Brown | Jun 19, 2014 14:38

a wonderful idea!  I'll certainly support this, though I have to add that I've always tried to wave thanks to any care that stops for me to cross the road.


But may I add one thing?  Please look before you cross, and don't linger.  How often have a I seen a pedestrian step out in front of me without looking, often with a cell phone pressed top one ear, and then stroll across the road.  .Often this happens when a 5-second wait would have let me (and the cars behind me) by.  Pedestrians have the right of way - but some caution and some courtesy would not go amiss from some of them.

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