Let’s turn mischief makers into music makers

By John Pierre | Sep 05, 2013

What do we expect of our kids?  In this largely paved (chuck holes and all) world of ours, I can't help but wonder what our offspring are supposed to do to entertain themselves.

Anything that is not paved is private property, other than the many parks located in our beautiful town, but what do kids go there for other than to plot nefarious activities and/or to smoke a few "joints?"

A recent story in the news is about three young men who killed another young, innocent bystander.  Their admission?  They were bored.  I wouldn't begin to make excuses for the murderous creeps... but isn't it a symptom of our world as it has become for kids?  They can't help but be bored.

As a lad, there was no end to things my brothers, sisters and I could find to fill our day.  The steam locomotive hauling logs that came by, in a cut through the hillock not 150 feet from our house, and the river that ran not more than a 10-minute walk for us through the grassy fields and brush.  Those days are no more, unfortunately.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Neighbors Carol and Kevin are doing something to keep kids interested.  Every once in a while they host a "talent contest."  They take their time to check with nearby neighbors for approval lest they be offended by the singing and applause.  Not one neighbor objected.  My hat goes off to Carol and Kevin.

After all, nobody bothers to ask us citizens if we are bothered by the many musical and "hard rock" groups with their boom box amplifiers that can be heard three miles away at the "Taste of Edmonds."

I recognize that it would be nearly impossible to get the entire community to agree to the loud annoyance, but that is just one example of how our little neighborhood performances are so well accepted.

I would encourage many Edmonds households to follow Carol and Kevin's lead.  Put on decent gatherings for youngsters to keep their minds on something other than mischief.

Edmonds could be a much more pleasant place to live if our kids had something to do in their very short vacation from school.

Besides... music is the staff of life.  Why not encourage all of our kids to perform?

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