Lessons on how to burn money

By John Pierre | Aug 08, 2013

Congratulations, Edmonds, you did it again.  You managed to dump a bunch of money on a project that not only did NOT enhance a vehicular visit to downtown Edmonds by the Sea but, in fact, created a whole new hazard to passing traffic and parked cars.

Has anyone noticed that driving down Main Street, because of the new extra wide sidewalk between 6th and 5th Avenues, has caused parallel parked cars and passing autos to be at hazard?

Some "brilliant" planner and an often less than brilliant council caused the sidewalks to be widened in this area with the result that passing traffic, of necessity, is forced to travel much too close to parked cars.

Isn't the probable resultant hazard obvious?  Every time I drive through that one block, I fear that some preoccupied or careless occupant of a parked car will throw the driver's side door open, and it will be torn, with a resounding crash and sound of broken glass, from the subject auto with the very real possibility of causing serious, traumatic damage to a human hand or arm.

I can hear it now.  Some city official will be quick to announce, "But we received a grant for the project."

So what?  That simply means that not only Edmonds taxpayers will get tagged for the worthless expense, but people around our tax-burdened country will share in the waste of money.  Our illustrious federal, grant-granting government doesn't mind wasting money that they have to borrow from China while our nation is on the verge of near collapse.

When will we ever learn?  The unneeded fiasco at Five Corners is still on schedule, and Edmonds (along with other suckers) is bearing a significant part of the financial burden when it seems obvious that we don't have an extra dollar in our "budget" to participate in this and other wasteful ventures.

Keep it up, big spenders, and soon we'll be in a Detroitesque situation.  While we're at it, let's spend a few more tens of thousands to install electrical outlets around town for the people who wish to be able to plug in their ridiculous battery-operated overcoats with wheels.

Or maybe we should fire a few efficient and dedicated city employees so that we can be sued for back pay.

The Federal Gummint could take lessons from us.

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