League of Delicious Chicken

By John Owen | Sep 19, 2013

A one-time journalistic colleague named Ed Donohoe served as editor of the local Teamster newspaper.  The Teamsters had their list of favored candidates at election time.

They often differed with the choices favored by another energetic voting bloc, which Ed persisted in defining as "The League of Women Vultures."

Ed would not have dared to utter this blasphemy in the presence of Norma Bruns, who might be described as the political conscience of Snohomish County.  The long-time Edmonds activist has helped plan and organize League of Women Voters' candidate nights for some 30 years.

She once served on the Edmonds City Council.  She is a docent and benefactor of the Edmonds Museum and Historical Society, and regularly mans the front desk of the facility at Fifth and Bell.

Norma is a member of the "Women in Black" pacifist group that assembles each Sunday at the ferry dock.  And she has been an active member of Edmonds Unitarian-Universalist Church since the days when Robert Fulghum and Maybelle Chapman shared the pulpit.

Some readers and/or cooks may identify Bruns as the author of  a recipe that was included in The Intermediate Eater's "Gluttony Without Guilt" cookbook.

Norma's Chicken

4 whole boneless skinned chicken breasts

8 ounces Swiss cheese

1 can undiluted cream of celery soup

1/4 cup dry, white wine

2 cups packaged poultry dressing

1/3 cup melted butter

pepper to taste

Cut the breasts in half to give you eight pieces.  Lay out snugly in an oven dish to fit. Top the breasts with slices of cheese.

Mix the dry, packaged dressing with the butter.  (Crumble the dressing first if you are using croutons.)  Sprinkle this mess over the cheese.

Mix the soup and wine, pour this slop over the top, sprinkle with pepper and bake the chicken uncovered 50 to 60 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

This serves eight, and Norma says you can substitute cream of chicken or mushroom soup, but she prefers cream of celery.

And it wouldn't be wise to argue with a member of the League of Women Whatszits.

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