Kristiana understands this community

Oct 24, 2013


I am pleased to support Kristiana Johnson for City Council Position 1.  I value her opinion and respect her work ethic, values, and high expectations.

She provides sophisticated knowledge of transportation issues as they relate to planning and land use in our City.

Kristiana listens respectfully, and thoughtfully integrates input from citizens, research, and advisory comments in a fashion that reflects a true understanding of the big picture and how it all affects where the City is going in the future.

Her analysis of documents and thorough research brings a perspective to the council that is extremely valuable to the collaborative decision making process.

Given Kristiana’s education in City and Regional Planning coupled with her experience as an Environmental Commissioner and working on various boards and commissions in our City for several years, she clearly has the breadth of knowledge and experience one needs to be effective as a councilmember.

Finally, Kristiana understands this community well. She grew up here and has an obvious love for this City.

Her time away to attain her education and work experience gives her an appreciation for the unique quality of life that the City of Edmonds provides for its citizens.

Kristiana has the whole package; hard working, thoughtful, smart, related experience in City, State, and local matters, and an intense desire to do right for the citizens of this City and for its sustainable future.

I hope that you will all recognize what a great asset Kristiana is to the Edmonds City Council and support her with your vote.

Craig Stewart


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