Knights earn all-league recognition

Jul 13, 2018
Courtesy of: Steve Hammond King's Pierce Papke earned first-team, Cascade Conference track and field honors in the boys 300 hurdles.

Seven King’s athletes and one relay team earned first-team, all Cascade Conference track and field recognition.

The 1A state champion boys team had five first-team members – Michael Gabelein (100-yard dash), Pierce Papke (300 hurdles), Nikko McNeal (high jump), Silas Newby (triple jump) and Cameron Chew (pole vault).

Naomi Smith earned first-team girls recognition in the girls 1,600 and 3,200 and Emma Storkson was honored in the high jump. The Knights 4 by 100 relay team also earned first-team honors.

King’s pitcher A.J. Knorr and infielder Isaac Hines were voted to the first team for baseball.

King’s forward Atley Shapiro and fullback Christian Engmann were named to the first team for boys soccer.

King’s Grayson Giboney earned first-team recognition in boys golf.

Cascade Conference


Player of the Year: Aaron Davenport (Cedarcrest) sr.

Coach of the Year: Tom Fallon (South Whidbey)

First team

Pitchers: Brandon McClean (Cedar Park Christian) jr., AJ Knorr (King’s) soph., Ethan Petty (South Whidbey) soph., Aiden VanRensum (Archbishop Murphy) fr.

Catcher: Jon Bell (Cedarcrest) sr.

Infielders: George Reidy (Cedar Park Christian) sr., Cole Calnon (Archbishop Murphy) jr., Michael Doyle (Cedar Park Christian) jr., Isaac Hines (King’s) jr., Brandon King (Archbishop Murphy) jr.

Outfielders: Tyler Gray (Cedarcrest) jr., Alex Black (South Whidbey) soph., Jack Johnson (Archbishop Murphy) fr.

Utility: Luke Mallory (Cedarcrest) sr.

Designated hitter: Austin Hauck (Archbishop Murphy) sr.

Second team

Pitchers: Ryan Maxwell (Cedar Park Christian) sr., Simon Siggins-Bell (Archbishop Murphy) sr., Brent Batchelor (South Whidbey) fr.

Cather: Kevin Fulkner (Archbishop Murphy) fr.

Infielders: Errett Turner (Sultan) sr., Kody Newman (South Whidbey) jr.

Outfielders: Taylor Brown (South Whidbey) sr., Chris Busch (Cedarcrest) jr., Victor Gabalis (Archbishop Murphy) soph., Elisha Sergeant (King’s) soph.

Utility: Elias Lopez (Sultan) sr., Tyler Durbin (King’s) soph.


Offensive Player of the Year: Michaela Carter (Cedarcrest) jr., Defensive Player of the Year: Mackenzee Collins (South Whidbey) sr.

Coach of the Year: Gary Damron (Cedarcrest)

First team: Elaine Townley (Cedarecrest) sr., Jillian Zachry (Granite Falls) jr., Cheyenne Nelson (Cedar Park Christian) sr., Brooke Jordan (Archbishop Murphy) soph., Jaiden Waud (Granite Falls) jr., Cassidy Derieg (Cedarcrest)  sr., Lexi Klaudt (Archbishop Murphy) jr., Ari Marshall (South Whidbey) soph., Sydney Beckett (Cedarcrest) sr.

Second team

Mackenna Thelen (Sultan) sr., Joslyn Harding (Granite Falls) sr., Taeler Gerde (Cedarcrest) jr., Melody Wilkie (South Whidbey) fr., Gracie Orr (Cedar Park Christian) jr., Sam Vanderwel (Granite Falls) jr., Karlie Fox (Cedarcrest) sr., Alohi Elliott (Archbishop Murphy) jr., Lily Zwiefel (Archbishop Murphy) soph., Jessica Polacek (Cedarcrest) fr.

Boys soccer

First team

Forwards: Atley Shapiro (King’s) sr., Buba Manneh (Archbishop Murphy) jr., Michael Lux (South Whidbey) jr.

Midfielders: Caleb Chung (Cedarcrest) jr., Brandon Dan (Cedarcrest) fr., Graham Colar (South Whidbey) jr., Silas Batiste (South Whidbey) sr.

Fullbacks: Christian Engmann (King’s) soph., Zack Seivers (Archbishop Murphy) soph., Max Henderson (Archbishop Murphy) jr., Ari Rohan (South Whidbey) sr.

Goalkeeper: Julian Inches (South Whidbey) jr.

Second team

Forwards: Diego Hernandez (Sultan) soph., Ethan Thomas (Cedar Park Christian) fr., Isaac Feeney (Archbishop Murphy) sr.

Midfielders: Bailey White (Cedarcrest) sr., Jace Fransen (King’s) sr., Jared McInnes (King’s) sr., Ray Li (King’s) fr.

Fullbacks: Jake Fowler (Cedcrest) sr., Derek Spani (Cedarcrest) sr., Jonathan Chen (King’s) sr., Connor McDaniel (Archbishop Murphy)  jr.

Goalkeeper: Gunnar Morehead (King’s) jr.

Boys track and field

First team

100—Michael Gabelein (King’s) soph.

200—Matthew Simmons (South Whidbey) jr.

400—Matthew Simmons (South Whidbey) jr.

800—Justin Young (Cedarcrest) sr.

1600—Grant Van Valkenburg (Cedarcrest) sr.

3200—Grant Van Valkenburg (Cedarcrest) sr.

110 hurdles—Kristopher Dixon (South Whidbey) jr.

300 hurdles—Pierce Papke (King’s) jr.

4×100 relay—South Whidbey

4×400 relay—South Whidbey

Shot put—Samuel Van Peursem (Cedar Park Christian) jr.

Discus—Samuel Van Peursem (Cedar Park Christian) jr.

Javelin—Owen Boram (South Whidbey) jr.

Long jump—Ryan Kenny (Archbishop Murphy) soph.

High jump—Nikko McNeal (King’s) soph.

Triple jump—Silas Newby (King’s) sr.

Pole vault—Cameron Chew (King’s) sr.

Second team

100—Matthew Simmons (South Whidbey) jr.

200—Michael Gabelein (King’s) soph.

400—Max Kelleher (Archbishop Murphy) sr.

800—Cameron Chew (King’s) sr.

1600—Isaac Cortes (Granite Falls) soph.

3200—Isaac Cortes (Granite Falls) soph.

110 hurdles—Pierce Papke (King’s) jr.

300 hurdles—Kristopher Dixon (South Whidbey) jr.

4×100 relay—King’s

4×400 relay—King’s

Shot put—Grant Soule (Cedarcrest) sr.

Discus—Martin Napeahi (Archbishop Murphy) sr.

Javelin—Daniel Enciso Navarro (Cedarcrest) jr.

Long jump—Cameron Jensen (South Whidbey) jr.

High jump—Isaiah Gonzales (South Whidbey) soph.

Triple jump—Peter Kulits (King’s) sr.

Pole vault—Cody Chew (King’s) soph.

Girls track and field

First team

100—Grace McKenzie (Cedarcrest) fr.

200—Dayana Diaz (Granite Falls) sr.

400—Dayana Diaz (Granite Falls) sr.

800—Elizabeth Donnelly (South Whidbey) sr.

1600—Naomi Smith (King’s) soph.

3200—Naomi Smith (King’s) soph.

100 hurdles—Sophia Nielsen (South Whidbey) sr.

300 hurdles—Holly Sudol (Archbishop Murphy) jr.

4×100 relay—King’s

4×200 relay—Cedarcrest

4×400 relay—Cedarcrest

Shot put—Sylvia Hendrix (King’s) sr.

Discus—Grace Wright (Sultan) sr.

Javelin—Emily Vanberg (South Whidbey) soph.

Long jump—Holly Sudol (Archbishop Murphy) jr.

High jump—Emma Storkson (King’s) soph.

Triple jump—Sophia Nielsen (South Whidbey) sr.

Pole vault—Kelsey Bassett (Granite Falls) sr.

Second team

100—Karyna Hezel (South Whidbey)  soph.

200—Grace McKenzie (Cedarcrest) fr.

400—Lauren Krause (Cedarcrest) jr.

800—Kate Vergillo (Cedarcrest) sr.

1600—Kaia Swegler Richmond (South Whidbey) fr.

3200—Kaia Swegler Richmond (South Whidbey) fr.

100 hurdles—Emma Culberson (King’s) jr.

300 hurdles—Emma Culberson (King’s) jr.

4×100 relay—South Whidbey

4×200 relay—King’s

4×400 relay—South Whidbey

Shot put—Ellie Gaenz (King’s) soph.

Discus—Emma Fettel (Archbishop Murphy) fr.

Javelin—Mikaehla Brown (Cedar Park Christian) soph.

Long jump—Sophia Nielsen (South Whidbey) sr.

High jump—Annika Ruud (King’s) fr.

Triple jump—Lauren Krause (Cedarcrest) jr.

Pole vault—Sophie Paradis (Cedarcrest) sr.

Boys golf

Medalist: Zach Leonen (Archbishop Murphy), fr.

First team: Grayson Giboney (King’s) jr., Fulton Brawner (Archbishop Murphy), jr., Ryan Wenzek (South Whidbey) sr., Tyler Aamold (Sultan) sr., Blake Berquist (Cedarcrest) sr., Hayden Whetten (Cedarcrest) soph.

Second team: Alex Lundberg (King’s) sr., Gabe Jacobson-Ross (South Whidbey) jr., Dylan Hardwick (Cedarcrest) sr., Brent DeWolf (South Whidbey) jr., Tyler Kim (King’s) jr.

Girls golf

Medalist: Kolby Heggenes (South Whidbey) sr.

First team: Casey Spurr (Cedarcrest) sr., Emma Leggett (South Whidbey) jr., Jenna Suh (Archbishop Murphy) fr., Genevieve Kim (Archbishop Murphy) soph., Kaitelyn Sayamuongbo (Cedarcrest) sr.

Second team

Alyssa Ludtke (South Whidbey) jr., Audrey Bryant (Archbishop Murphy) fr., Jamie Edwards (King’s) jr., Ava Mason (King’s) soph., Julia Nichols (King’s) soph., Arianna Christophilis (King’s) fr.




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