It’s residents, not merchants, who deserve thanks

Nov 06, 2013


In her recent letter to the Beacon (10-31-13) Kathy Thorsen, volunteer for DEMA, the Downtown Edmonds Merchants Association sub-committee of the Chamber of Commerce, scolded the City Council over its lack of concern for the welfare of local merchants.

She believes a good councilmember should stop by each business and ask its owner what their concerns are and "what will benefit me/us as small business owner(s)?"

I don't vote for councilmembers whose purpose is to baby-sit business. I want a councilmember who will support the values of Edmonds residents.

The residents are the ones who stick it out when the economic going gets tough. Their property taxes paid for and maintain the landscaping along Main Street and along Fifth Avenue.

Underground wiring, ornamental street lights, corner parks, and flower baskets don't come cheap, but, over the years, residents created what Ms. Thorsen refers to as "Beautiful Downtown Edmonds."

The thanks the residents got for their efforts from local merchants is interesting. The merchants litter the public streets with cheap business signs and other junk as their contribution to the beauty they claim to admire.

Nowhere does their special interest/entitlement attitude manifest itself more blatantly.

The City Council should tighten the sign code and litter laws to stop the Downtown Edmonds Merchants Association from turning "Beautiful Downtown Edmonds" into another commercial Tacky Town.

Natalie Shippen


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