It’s no mystery: local novelist has the knack | Constant Curmudgeon

By John Pierre | Jul 03, 2014

There is another reason why we, in Edmonds, have much to be thankful for. We have a brilliant, highly talented author in our midst.

No, she's not from Edmonds exactly, but her roots are here and she has had a few book signings locally at the well-known Edmonds Bookshop.

As a courtesy, Bernadette Pajer just sent me a pre-publication copy of her fourth in a series of Professor Bradshaw mysteries for review. The title, when it is published in September, will be "The Edison Effect."

I'm thoroughly impressed with her previous publications; “A Spark of Death,” “Fatal Induction” and “Capacity for Murder” have received high accolades from Publisher's Weekly: "deft, highly entertaining," and "a great series" by Portland Review of Books.

Her stories about a college professor and recognized sleuth are all based early in the 20th century in familiar areas in and around Seattle.

All of us over 20 will recognize many of the venues in which these mysteries happen and are investigated by Professor Bradshaw and his close Seattle Police Department companion, Detective James O'Brien.

I can't recommend any of this author's books highly enough. I will say, without fear of being wrong, once you start reading one of her stories, you'll find it hard to set it down. She has that rare ability to paint a picture with words that causes her works to be more graphic than television. The reader is able to visualize everything perfectly.

Bernadette Pajer is an author of national renown, according to Publisher's Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews and the School Library Journal.

If you love mysteries, you'll thoroughly enjoy any of Ms. Pajer's Professor Bradshaw mysteries. They remind one of Arthur Conan Doyle's many Sherlock Holmes stories.


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